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Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by stg58, Dec 17, 2013.

  1. stg58

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    I have some medical gear in 2 bags none well organized and I am looking for a more organized compartmentalized med/EMS softside bag.
    There are a bunch out there when you do a search but I was wondering if anyone had some thoughts and or recommendations.

    Something along the line of this:

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  2. Falcon15

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  3. Silversnake

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    Those look fine to me for the purpose you describe.
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  4. Dont

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    I have carried a medics shoulder bag stuffed with all the dressing material .. Carried it when I was doing home health visits and it usually held all that i needed. To small for IV fluids yet had start kits a pleanty..
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  5. Silversnake

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    I prefer the M17 bag for minor injuries and sick call problems M17 Medic Bag-Olive Drab: Sports & Outdoors . This one is expensive at $130 because it is stocked. I would try to find an empty one (at a gun show, mabye maybe) and stock it myself. It has 3 main compartments which each have 2 compartments in them. It folds up into a cube, nice and tight. You can add ALICE shoulder straps to it if inclined. I usually take this M17 and a trauma bag when covering an outpost for a couple weeks. I divide the compartments into NSAID/analgesics, antibiotics, GI, HEENT/pulm, derm, and diagnostic tools (BP cuff, stethoscope, otoscope, pens, etc). Works great.
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  6. Dont

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    What I found nice was that you can leave it hanging from you by the strap and dig out what you need. No dropping it in the dirt and getting crud on it...
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  7. Airtime

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    I used to be an EMT in a previous life and had several different bags/kits. I never found a great solution for most situations but that was nearly 30 years ago. When dealing with a down person it often is handy to open a bag wide open so everything is visible and you don't need to rummage around looking for something. One bag had various panels with lots of elastic straps that could be opened like a book. However, parked in a car or hillside stabilizing bones and stopping bleeding the fold open thing didn't work as stuff or the whole bag would tumble/slide away out of reach. A bag much like those above worked better in a car or tight quarters even if you had to dig around to find stuff but various individual items would still fall out and out of reach. Working in a football stadium I gravitated toward a backpack so I could carry my gear while transporting or carry my trauma bag and O2 bag. If back in the mix I'd probably look hard at some of the current backpacks and see if they open enough to display the contents enough but not spill everything if it's not spread on the ground.

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  8. Dont

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    Medic bags are small but handy. Have thought about a pack set up, esp. if you have ambu bags and IV supplies. Make sure the bag has a quick release shoulder strap so you can drop it quick if the need is there..
  9. Silversnake

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    Unfortunately, aid bags are a lot like guns. Everyone has a different opinion, and the truth is "What makes the best bag is dependent upon what you need it for."
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  10. Dont

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    True enough. Also what situation's you are gearing up for.. Easy enough to over load with what you think you will need.. Sounds sorta like a BOB..
  11. chambers270

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    I agree with the main idea of being able to quickly find what you need in the bag. The one I am using at this time splits almost in half. On one of the exposed halves, the bag has multiple pockets that are clear. I guess if you go into in frequently any bag could work because you would be familiar with the locations of specific items.
  12. HK_User

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    Do not purchase the type with multi flaps held down with Velcro.

    Purchase only zippered bags with the dust and rain lips.

    Mine is a mil spec that stays in a "Aid" bag that also has a pull string to keep the outside bag closed. and water floatable.

    Run with the EMS in a rural area and you can get some good ideas. My first EMS kit started with a "Sylvania TV Tube" carry box. It is still with us and now holds overruns. Overuns aka spare supplies is what most people do not have. What happens when you use up your ready bag and TSHTF hit last week.

    Do not forget to have a Gunshot Wound Kit in your bag. I carry one in a spare bag anytime I go hunting or to the range.
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  13. stg58

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    I picked up one in blue zippered and it fits my needs.
    But as usual with many things I have a hard time parring it down to more essential items in focused quantities..... one is good four is better......I need another bag.....[smsh]
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  14. HK_User

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    Agreed, That's why my Gun Shot Kit with Chest Pads, is also my water and Mag Bag.

    Then there is the O2 Unit that is kept in the closet.

    More Gear than Common Sense/Cents.
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