Grand Solar Minimum and Survival

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  1. deMolay

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    Been watching this unfold for awhile, anyone on here preparing for the effects of a Grand Solar Minimum.
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  2. oil pan 4

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    You could say that.
    Global cooling

    Have you see a guy on youtube called "ice age farmer"?
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  3. BTPost

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    have been preparing for 5 years, and now it is here and the HF Bands are dead as hell, Oh well, In five more years it will start to come back... Hope I live that long...
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  4. duane

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    Don't know who or what, but head lettuce went from 1.29 a head to 2.49 in two weeks, small heads of califlower are 3.00 a small head, broccali is 1.99 a lb, green beans are 2.49 a lb, strawberries were not available, the rest of the fresh veggies were really expensive and I saw very little stuff from Mexico. Most of those prices are as high as I have ever seen for Dec and double of about a month ago. Something is going on in New England at least and the media is totally ignoring both the stock market drops and the food price changes. There was a article on how people weren't buying tuna fish and it was that they didn't have can openers and they needed to start packing it in foil. Not one word about the amount of tuna dropping from 7 drained ounces to 4 in a can, nor that most of it is now about like the standard cat food of 20 years ago or that the last can I looked at said caught in the Pacific, processed in China, and canned in USA. Other brands were Thailand, or Philippines, or some island in the Pacific.
  5. HK_User

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    Lots of recalls of Greens lately. Somebody is not washing their hands and other parts of their bodies!.
  6. deMolay

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    Yes I have. This
    Here is a video about the recent release by Prof. Valentina Zharkova, of Oct 18 2018. The Globull Warming Cult have tried to stop her. She has studied the magnetic fields of the sun for years. And says that we are entering a new Little Ice Age. That famines will begin 2028. Meaning food shortages in the years leading up to 2028. I the Maunder Minimum only 2 of the suns 4 magnetic fields shut down.
    This time all 4 will shutdown, coupled with the planetary and solar orbit will be devastating.
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  7. T. Riley

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  8. UncleMorgan

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    If/when a mini Ice Age rolls around in about thirty years, food production (already inadequate for our population) will crash. It wouldn't take much of a crash. A universal 10% shortfall in world agricultural production would be enough to cause food riots all over the world.

    Governments would fall like dominoes.

    So, governments will do what governments always do in any looming crisis: they will "manage" it.

    They will manage it so they weather the crisis with minimal inconvenience, retain control of the populace, and remain secure in their positions in power.

    They will have not the slightest reluctance in "managing" 90% of the population to death, as long as they are not in the expendable 90%, and as long as the unexpended 10% is sufficient to maintain their accustomed standard of living.

    To that end, ALL governments will lie, suppress the truth, silence the whistleblowers by any expedient means, and generally let the Devil take the hindmost, even as they take whatever steps are necessary to secure their futures and their positions in power.

    And don't forget Agenda 21: the more Useless Eaters that freeze to death, or starve to death, or starve freezingly to death, the better.

    After the ice melts, the Earth will once again be a Paradise, cleansed of the scourge of overpopulation, remade, renewed, refreshed, and made perfect forever.

    And, most importantly, it will be their Paradise.

    So, fellow Useless Eaters, see to your own survival because no one else will.
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  9. oil pan 4

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    It will happen again. There is no "if", only "when".
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  10. deMolay

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  11. deMolay

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    The food shortages are already beginning. In many areas wheat production will go off line. Even here in the USA.
  12. oil pan 4

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    Ice age farmer has been talking about crop failures for at least the last 2 years.
  13. deMolay

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    Yes every civilization going back thousands of years has risen and fallen with solar maximums and minimums. Even many of the great American Native civilizations. From what I am reading the US climate will shift so that Atlanta will get Chicago winters. This will move the global grain growing regions hundreds of miles south causing global famine.

    solar .
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  14. oil pan 4

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    The chinese are convinced that they suffer severe droughts and famines under extended solar minimum years.
    This is why they are working on weather modification.
  15. deMolay

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    That is also the reason they are buying up millions of acres of farmland in Africa and building the belt project connecting all of EU and Africa etc to China.
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  16. TnAndy

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    The ABOVE reflects my thinking for quite a while now.

    We've got several years of growing under plastic and polycarbonate paneled houses now, and one can grow an amazing amount of food in a fairly small area by double/triple cropping. We find light is a bigger issue than heat for that 4th season......stuff just sits idle waiting on more light. IF it looks like a true solar caused ice age is happening, I'm ready to expand our capacity that right now we flat don't need.



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  17. T. Riley

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  18. deMolay

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  19. deMolay

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    Like your set up, we have a small green house I built and would like to try vertical gardening with hydroponics. As the growing zones shift toward the equator it will be important to be able to grow food inside. The GSM brings not just cold, but highly variable weather, droughts were there was good moisture, cold at the wrong time, floods etc.
  20. deMolay

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    Good video on geo thermal greenhouse.
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