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    Howdy from Central Oklahoma. I'm an old Viet Nam Vet that is still alive and kickin. I joined this site as I have others like this to learn and maybe pass on some of what I've learned. I'm an ex-medic and para-medic both in and out of the service. I enjoy life and plan on living as long as I can.
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    Welcome to our Tree.... enjoy the views and share a few...
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    Howdy Gprod, was in the Corps during that time but stayed stateside. Was a mechanic/warehouseman/and finally a wrecker operator. Fired comp for awhile and worked with our units honor guard--tough getting that grease out from under the nails--lol.
    Glad to have you with us and wish you a long and happy life.
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    Welcome Home

    Greetings Sir and THANK YOU for your service.
    Hope you enjoy it here; there is quite a bit of accumulate knowledge floating around this board. I for one look forward to your postings on Real World medical techniques.

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