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Gun grab week in review (2/15/13)

Discussion in 'Bill of Rights' started by CATO, Feb 15, 2013.

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    (I'll update links throughout the day--feel free to update/add to)

    Magpul will likely have to move from Colorado.

    Some liberals in St. Louis have gone Stalin.

    Californian libs are like rust--they wake up thinking of ways to emasculate and disarm the public. Weasel Zippers | Archives » California Democrats Introduce Bill To Confiscate Every “Assault” Weapon In The State From Their Law-Abiding Owners…

    Thought: this is our fault you know. Why do we allow people like this in public office? It takes a crisis like this for us to care and do something about it. The libs haven't suddenly changed, they're making MORE ridiculous laws all of the time, yet, we're too busy with life to notice, then, when we look up, we're in a fine pickle. I guess the lesson is to be more vigilant and civics minded.
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    Pennsylvania: Legislators Ignore Logic and Lead with Emotion to Introduce Restrictive Measures


    Taking a page from the Obama Administration’s playbook, anti-gun legislators in the Pennsylvania General Assembly have introduced a plethora of legislation that, if passed and enacted, will strip you of your Second Amendment rights.

    As time and experience have shown, these restrictive gun control proposals will have no impact on crime, criminal access or the misuse of firearms, and only serve to discriminate against and penalize law-abiding gun owners. Even anti-gun state Representative James Clay (D-179)
    recently admitted, “it’s not the people with legitimate guns, it’s the people with the street guns who are destroying the neighborhood.”

    Despite this admission, Representative Clay has co-authored a sweeping gun control bill that aims to ban commonly owned semi-automatic rifles.
    This measure, along with other proposals, only serves to infringe on the rights of law-abiding citizens. Criminals—by definition—violate laws, especially gun control laws. Criminals will never comply with or obey a gun ban, or any of the following restrictive legislation that has been introduced this session:

    • Senate Bill 191: Would implement a gun-rationing scheme and limit law-abiding gun owners to the purchase of one handgun a month.
    • House Bill 239: Would require all firearms to be registered with the Pennsylvania State Police. As we know from experiences in California, Canada and Australia, gun registration enables gun confiscation—only from honest citizens—since criminals do not register their guns.
    • House Bill 518: Would infringe on your inherent right to self-defense by repealing important self-defense provisions enacted in 2011.
    Now is the time to take a stand against these misguided measures! It is imperative you contact your state legislators today and urge them to stand up for freedom and reject anti-gun legislation that will criminalize the law-abiding and ignore the criminals.
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    NY State bill to require liability insurance as condition of gun ownership - Watertown Tea Party | Examiner.com

    A bill was introduced in the State Assembly by Felix Ortiz (D-Brooklyn) that would require citizens of New York to acquire liability insurance as a condition to gun ownership.
    Bill S2353 will require all gun owners in NY to obtain and "continuously maintain" insurance coverage of at least $1 million, or they will suffer "immediate revocation of such owner's registration, license and any other privilege to own" a firearm.
    If the citizen fails to obtain the insurance, then by simply owning the firearm, they will be in violation of the law.
    This bill was introduced by Assemblyman Ortiz as an amendment to the current NY State Insurance Law.
    Specifically, the bill's provisions include:
    "Any person in this state who shall own a firearm shall, prior to such ownership, obtain and continuously maintain a policy of liability insurance in an amount not less than one million dollars specifically covering any damages resulting from any negligent or willful acts involving the use of such firearm while it is owned by such person"(
    Bill would force gun owners to buy liability insurance .
    For anyone who already owns a gun at the time the bill becomes law, that person has 30 days to buy the insurance.
    If the gun is lost or stolen, it must be reported to the police. If a crime is committed by the gun before its loss or theft is reported to the police, the previous owner is liable.
    The bill does not specifically state that the gun will be confiscated or that the gun owner must surrender the gun, but will lose their legal "privilege" to own a gun.
    It is estimated that simple liability insurance for $1 million in coverage for gun owners would cost between $1600-2000 annually. That additional financial burden to own a gun will be prohibitively expensive for many NY State citizens. Gun ownership will no longer be an option with the additional cost from obtaining liability insurance.
    The law would take effect 19 days after being signed by the governor, and the state will be empowered to write any additional regulations as necessary to enforce the law.
    Bill S2353 in New York is similar to a bill introduced in California, Maryland and Massachusetts that also requires all gun owners to obtain liability insurance. To date, none of these bills have become law.
    This comes one month after Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the NY SAFE Act into law. The SAFE Act restricts gun ownership and bans ammunition magazines that are capable of holding more than seven rounds.
    Opposition to the SAFE Act has been growing among the state's county legislatures and sheriffs as local resolutions are passed urging the law's repeal. There is also a "2nd Amendment Rally" planned in Albany on Feb 28th to protest the new gun law.
    The bill in New York was referred to the Assembly's Insurance Committee.
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