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  1. stg58

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    Never having had any formal training I have been giving Gunsite Academy very serious thought.

    It is quite a bit of money $1500 plus 1000 rounds of ammo, hotel and travel I have frequent flyer miles to get there so only hotel, rental car and meals but I will have to ponder if it is money well spent but very tempted.

    Has anyone gone through this?

    This class is β€œThe Gunsite Experience”. This was first presented in October 1976 by Colonel Jeff Cooper. Regardless of your age, gender, experience or station in life, upon completion of The Gunsite Experience, YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE FOREVER!! You will be well grounded in the Modern Technique of the Pistol, including marksmanship, gun handling, combat mindset, and the elements of the Combat Triad. Through our systematic and dynamic methodology you will achieve confidence, competence, new skills and best of all, Peace of Mind. Clients emerge stronger, more alert, and conditioned to respond instantly to any threat. You will prevail in any encounter.

    The 250 includes five solid days of range work, lectures and intensive indoor, outdoor and low light, live fire simulators. You will be in control of your immediate environment. All certificates are graded and many lifelong friends will be identified during this experience.

    Skill at arms is a highly perishable skill and recurrent training is a must for the responsible citizen. Should you ever be involved in a life or death situation, the justice system will first question your training. Many clients return annually to take the 250 class as recurrent training.

    2015 Course Schedule - Gunsite Academy

    Gunsite Academy
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    I have a buddy that goes to Gunsite at least once a year for training (lucky bastard). He gives their programs rave reviews and always enjoys the experience. He has been trying to get me to go with him for some time now and one of these days I probably will, if I can pull it off.
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    I have a Front Sight membership- it's worthwhile an I can recommend it. I had some cash to spare when I bought it. It wasn't cheap. I'm heading down to Phoenix this weekend to accomplish my NRA Training Counselor workshop. I've been an NRA trainer for several years, it's the next step for me.

    I also intend to pursue training at Thunder Ranch, Gunsite, Magpul Dynamics etc. It's a business expense to me now, so that helps a bit with the expense.

    That said, if you haven't had any formal training, perhaps you might start with someone local to you with a good reputation first. The NRA Basic courses are good foundational classes, and reasonably priced. Do your research, check out prospective instructors. Don't expect to run before walking. Experts practice the fundamentals in every training session, so it would behoove you to make sure of your fundamentals before wasting money on skills training you won't be able to fully encompass the first time around.
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    Excellent advice, I went through the basic pistol course years ago which was very basic but looking up the other NRA courses that are available I will bring my skill set up before/if I take the next step.

    Thanks again great advice!
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    Gunsite is one of the best class that you can take.
  6. thebastidge

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    I just met Robbie Barrkman at Robar Guns this last weekend. He was an instructor for Gunsite fairly early on. Very nice gentleman. He related a couple stories from those days.
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