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    Seems the gloves are comin off and intentions are being made clear?

    “Break the Cross” issue

    ISIS, being the media-savvy monster den that it is, has numerous projects at any given time that help it get the word out about the joys of jihad.

    The current issue of Dabiq, ISIS’s English-language magazine, is a special edition aimed at converting Christians and other non-Muslims, claiming Jesus is “a slave of Allah” and he will “wage jihad” at his Second Coming.

    It’s an educational look into the warped minds of the Islamic terrorists.

    The special “Break the Cross” issue also contends that Jesus was never crucified, that he was only a prophet of Allah, and most of the New Testament is a “perversion” of the real story.

    The mastermind behind this rewrite of Jesus’ story, according to Dabiq, is St. Paul, who was actually just a “treacherous Jew” who worked from the inside to destroy the early Christian Church.

    The magazine aims at all “Crusaders,” including atheists and skeptics, by letting them “read into why Muslims hate and fight them, why pagan Christians should break their crosses, why liberalist secularists should return to the fitrah (natural human disposition), and why skeptical atheists should recognize their Creator and submit to Him.”

    This being an Islamic propaganda sheet, there’s a lot of stuff and nonsense about Islam’s compassion and mercy. Tell that to the countless people who have been maimed, tortured and killed for little or no reason by the compassionate soldiers of Islam — like the elderly priest in Normandy who was murdered recently at the altar of his own church, in front of nuns and parishioners.

    That ISIS-celebrated incident included the re-dedication of the “captured” altar to Mohammed by the young jihadists, who had committed themselves and their actions to ISIS but were nonetheless called “wannabes” in some news outlets.

    In case you’ve forgotten what the face of evil looks like, it’s all here in the pages of ISIS’s magazine. It’s slick, professional-looking and full of phony sincerity designed to suck in the gullible. If you’re not careful, at times it’s almost believable. Goebbels would be proud.

    “And despite their wretched condition of ignorance and arrogance, we take this occasion of multiple massacres inflicted upon their citizens and interests to call them once again to the religion of pure monotheism, truth, mercy, justice, and the sword,” the editors write in the foreword.

    It’s a real piece of work that rails against all manner of Western decadence, including Freud, feminism and homosexuality, sections that liberals should pay special attention to. Liberals like to fantasize about Christians trying to control their personal choices. For them, there’s a section in the ISIS publication describing just how Islam will dictate everything from brushing their teeth and shaving their pubic hair to “snorting water then expelling it” (apparently, Kleenex is not allowed).

    In between the glossy pictures of smiling children and dead bodies, the overall message is clear: The fervent promise of practitioners of the Religion of Peace is to take us down.

    Except for Donald Trump, are any of our would-be leaders listening?

    ISIS Magazine: Jesus is ‘Slave of Allah’
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    This is true, And it's been happening for quite some time! Only a matter of time for it to spread to the masses of Mussies living here off the GubMent teat!
  3. Sgt Nambu

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    You mean off our blood, sweat and tears! Betard's!
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    The liberals refuse to believe that durkas hate or will not embrace feminazism, LGBT, non believers.
    Yes our liberals are really that stupid.
    All they know is the durkas don't like conservatives and that's all that matters because they only focus on the now and never trouble them selves with thinking about the future.
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  5. chelloveck

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    This is absolutely outrageous...that dayesh terrorists would force Christians to convert to Islam.....Christians would never do that kind of dastardly deed....wouldn't they???

    The wise framers of the US Constitution sensibly recognised the tendency of religious majorities to exert their power and persecute religious minorities; and so, enshrined religious liberty for all, regardless of religion or creed, in the US Constitution's 1st Amendment. Islam and Muslims are not exempt from the protection afforded to US citizens by the US Constitution.

    It is appropriate to be concerned about Islamic abuses against the people of other faiths; however, it would be unwise to ignore the abuse of religious liberties of others, by faiths other than Islam. Christianity has a solid track record of abusing the religious liberties of non-Christians....and not all of that track record is ancient and medieval. Forced conversion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The complicated politics of conversion in Northern Nigeria

    LiveLeak.com - Christian African Militias Forcing Muslims to Convert or Die

    Shelter forcibly converted children to Christianity, raided by police

    Christians Jailed for Refusing to Convert to Catholicism | Saved To Serve

    It has become quite fashionable to attack dayesh for the excesses visited by them upon infidels / kuffurs ...and quite rightly so. However, it seems to be less fashionable to hold the disgusting forced / coerced religious conversion practices of non-Muslims to the light of criticism. Lets be ecumenical about our criticisms of forced conversions and share the joy with our other religious brethren.
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  6. 3M-TA3

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    True you can sift through all of that to find modern examples of Christianity, but for crying out loud look at the OVERWHELMING vast majority of modern abuse, and not just in the number of incidents, but the numbers of people forced as well. Knowingly pointing your finger a single grain of salt in a bag of sugar as proof that bag is full of salt is disingenuous at best. Using that type of misinformation undermines your argument.
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  7. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

    I'm not making the argument that a grain of salt in a bag of sugar is proof that the bag of sugar is actually full of salt....but thank you for straw manning me anyway. ;) Nor am I citing Christian (and other faiths')instances of forced conversions as a tu cocque argument to excuse or justify dayesh forced Islamic conversions.

    What I am suggesting is that Christian (and other religions') forced conversions are no less toxic to human liberty than Islamic ones, regardless of the apparent disparity in quantity. Yet many Christians (understandably) are inclined to ignore fellow Christians' disgusting, disreputably coercive conversion practices; whilst at the same time, concentrating their criticism almost exclusively on Islam. I take no issue with criticising dayesh's forced conversion of "infidels". Such criticism is justly deserved. I am suggesting that the forced conversion of non Christians (and even Christians) by Christians be just as vehemently criticised....yet from many Christians.... upload_2016-8-4_12-26-32.

    Perhaps Christians and others might express some of their moral disgust at forced religious conversions, by those Christians practicing the same kind of coercive religious conversions that dayesh are also prone to do.
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  8. Meat

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    ^Once that mighty trumpet sounds you'll see. Then what? [afro]
  9. chelloveck

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    Mighty trumpet? I'm not even banking on a nose flute!

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  10. OldDude49

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    IMHO soon as anyone tries to force Christianity on anyone else it stops being Christianity...

    way I read the Book is the Big Guy don't want forced people he wants volunteers that choose...
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  11. Minuteman

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    It's a moot point anyway. You can't force anyone to accept your religion. Ones faith comes from within, any thing forced on someone is just an act to appease their bullies. It's impossible to "force" someone to change or accept religion.
    Someone could be forced to make the public proclamation required to become a Muslim, and to many that would be all that was needed. But no one could ever be forced to accept Christ as their savior, to be convicted of and ask forgiveness for their sins. That is an awakening of the soul, a conversion in the spirit, and no words uttered from a man's mouth can make him a Christian if it isn't from his heart and his spirit.
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  12. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

    Although I agree in principle with much of what you say, with regards to sincerity of belief as opposed to lip service....it is not a moot point to the person being faced with coerced conversion/reversion...to them it is often a matter of life and death, regardless of whether it is a Muslim or a Christian or a Hindu holding a gun to their head. It does however afford the opportunity of the religion of the theist who is holding the gun to the convert's head, to indoctrinate the young and the vulnerable into the gun holder's religious memetic system....and from there, may come "genuine" "spiritual" conversion. In that sense, forcing even lip service to a religion enlarges that religion's power base...and has therefore been, at different and places in history, an irresistible theocratic strategy in enlarging their faith's market share of "genuine, convicted" believers.
  13. Withak

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    Just reading through this topic and one thing that comes to my mind is this - strictly between Christianity and Islam, does the Islamic faith teach that it is appropriate and/or expected to force conversion of others?? I ask this because I don't know. The Bible does not teach forced conversion - the fact that some people do this is in opposition to the teachings of the faith. So those that do it, while they may act in the 'name' of the faith, are in fact, in denial of the faith. Christianity, the Bible, teaches that those come to the faith of their own free will. Those that force attempted conversions should be called out for it, and Christians should speak out against it - though I don't know how many are aware of some of these things happening in places like Africa.

    Now, I've heard that forced conversion is a different story in Islam and is supported by the teachings. If that's true, then they are doing what they are commanded to do. As I've not researched this, yet, does anyone know if forced conversion to Islam is actually supported by the teachings? And if so, can you provided the citation that shows that?
  14. OldDude49

    OldDude49 Just n old guy

    Yes it is forced within Islam... they are commanded to do so by their prophet...

    convert or die is usually the option IF they give you the chance that is...

    IIRC any atheist... if they admit they are such... are immediately put to death... no chance is given...
  15. Meat

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    ^I'd tell them what they want to hear in a second. Buy some time for my escape dressed like a camel. :D
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  16. Meat

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    Peter lied/denied. It all worked out great for him. :D
  17. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

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  18. OldDude49

    OldDude49 Just n old guy

    you are aware of why they are called camel ******'s right? [LMAO]

    to me using a camel disguise could be very risky! [lolol]
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