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    What can I say.
    "Although there was a significant amount of lead shot and clay pigeons resting on the lake's bottom, it posed no health risk to humans or aquatic life

    In February 1991, then Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris sued the club for allegedly polluting the lake with lead shot.
    Burris was appointed by Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich to replace President-Elect Barack Obama as the junior senator from Illinois. The appointment was controversial, as the governor was already under investigation and there were rumors of his being paid for the appointment. Prior to Burris's appointment, Obama was the U.S. Senate's only African American; he resigned his Senate seat after being elected President of the United States.
    Burris has built a mausoleum for himself in Oak Woods Cemetery on Chicago's South Side. His tombstone proclaims, "TRAIL BLAZER", and includes a list of his accomplishments, with space left for future ones.[6][7]

    The Lincoln Park Gun Club was a private (later public) gun club founded in 1912 by Oscar F. Mayer, W. C. Peacock, P. K. Wrigley, Sewell Avery, and other prominent Chicagoans.[1] At the clubhouse's dedication, John Philip Sousa directed his band.[1] The club was located in Chicago's Lincoln Park, near Diversey Harbor. The club was built and primarily operated for skeet shooting and trap shooting, with occasional waterfowl hunting. Its address was 2901 N. Lake Shore Drive.[2]

    In February 1991, then Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris sued the club for allegedly polluting the lake with lead shot.[1] The lakefront had previously been dredged in 1947 to remove and gather the accumulated lead, with disputes taking place over who would benefit from its sale (500 tons of lead were recovered and lead was then selling for $300 a ton).[1] The Chicago Park District, who owned the land where the gun club operated, immediately shut down the club until it could prove its activities were safe and also insisted it pay to have the lakefront dredged.[1] Members charged that the shutdown was not due to pollution, but because of guns.[2]

    The gun club filed suit against the park district; however their suit was dismissed. The following summer, most of the club's buildings were demolished by the park district.[3]

    In 1995, Park District Superintendent Forrest Claypool planned to reorganize the parks as quasi-private affairs, with private companies providing services on the property. That year, the gun club's former clubhouse reopened as a community center. The city had paid $500,000 two years prior for an analysis of the soil and sand where the club had operated; however the study, performed by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, determined that there was no pollution present,[4] and that although there was a significant amount of lead shot and clay pigeons resting on the lake's bottom, it posed no health risk to humans or aquatic life.[5]

    Oscar Maywer:...
    Mayer was born in Kösingen (now part of Neresheim), Württemberg, Germany, where his family had been foresters and ministers for generations. He emigrated to the United States as a teenager and moved to Detroit to live with a cousin. He worked in that city's meat market and moved to Chicago in 1876 when his cousin moved there. Mayer found work at a meat market on Chicago's North Side and started a butcher and sausage-making shop of his own in 1883, when he was 24-years-old. Five years later, the proprietor who owned the store refused to renew Mayer's lease, hoping that he could profit from Mayer's business success. Pushed out on his own, Mayer bought a property and constructed a two-story building for his business and family. He married the former Louise Greiner of Munich in 1887, and their only son was born in that building.[1]

    With the company's continued growth, it became a sponsor of such events as polka bands and the German exhibition at the World's Columbian Exposition in 1893. The company had grown to 43 employees in 1900, offering meat delivered across the city of Chicago and its suburbs. Capitalizing on an industry trend, the company started using its own brands for its meat products in 1904 and was one of the earliest participants in the Food Safety and Inspection Service, created under the Federal Meat Inspection Act of 1906, to verify the contents of its products.[2] By the time of his death, the business named after himself had grown to 9,000 employees, with facilities in Davenport, Iowa, Los Angeles, Milwaukee and Philadelphia.[1]

    In 1912, Mayer founded the Lincoln Park Gun Club with P.K. Wrigley, Sewell Avery, and other prominent Chicagoans.
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    the Gun Club and Meigs Field both died for the same reason .... the liberals bitched & griped about the lakefront areas being closed off to the chosen few .... it got worse for Meigs after Navy Pier opened .... now they are after some of the marinas
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    Lets see, Chicago and politics, I'm not surprised at all.
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    In typical dem my end justifies any means,
    Starting late on March 30 and ending in the very early hours of March 31, 2003, bulldozers escorted by Chicago police rumbled onto Meigs Field, gouged X-shaped trenches in the north-south runway and cut access to taxiways. The only objective witnesses to what some critics labeled a crime were some sleepy sea gulls among 16 planes stranded on the field.

    To prevent the secret operation from being recorded, a city firetruck trained a spotlight at the lens of an Internet camera positioned at the nearby Adler Planetarium. Unusual radio chatter so early in the morning alerted the news media that something was up, but they were kept away.

    Al Capone. The Stockyards. Pan-style pizza. And the Daley dynasty that could pull off the "Meigs Massacre." They are all among the icons depicting what Chicago looks and smells like to the rest of the world.

    On September 17, 2006, the city dropped all legal appeals and agreed to pay the $33,000 fine as well as repay $1 million in misappropriated FAA Airport Improvement Program funds that it used to destroy the airfield and build Northerly Island Park.
    The remaining air craft had to use the taxiway to take off.

    If there ever is a major incident in downtown Chicago Meigs would have made a nice staging and evac site.

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