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    I'm not much of a backpacker or woodsman. At the age of 65 my wife and I are preparing and fortifying our home because taking off down the road is just out of the question for us. I'm interested in Bugging in more than bugging out. Barring a flood or a tornado wiping out the house we will make our stand where we are. I'd like to see some articles on fortifying the home and other useful things of that nature. ProGunPoster-020-GunOwnersLastPrayer.
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    Welcome to the tree.
    Good info, good people.
    Most don't think of bugging in and fortifying. Might be interested once a place is built at my remote location to figure out ways to protect it using manufactured barriers and taking advantage of natural ones.
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    I motorized a drawbridge on a California home about 25 years ago. The pool had a race lap around the house. (IE: moat and drawbridge.) Landscape rocks and trees can provide funneling without alerting the uninvited guests that they ARE being funneled. There are several threads here on subjects such as defensive vegetation, and armored bookcases that slide over windows.
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    Welcome to SM!
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    Welcome to Survival Monkey @Johnctee. Where would you like to start on your bug in plan. We have some great discussions for Discouraging and fortifying your home. What about heating, is that a need? If you are bugging in you will need gardens plus defensive planting is a plus. Plus the green patch for gardening. Just give a shout and the members here will help. We have great members who are willing to share knowledge and ideas.
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    Welcome aboard.... hang on tight!!!
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    Welcome to the Monkey tree!
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    hi i am in s indiana i would bug in to many avantages im in a good spot deep in the woods i know the land where water is where the caves are so on know the game here. about 4 years ago i seen a big cat in my yard a cougar it had escaped the cat reasue center i got scared it would break my single plane windows when i was asleep of when i was gone and get my dogs. so i built inside shutters see picture. inside shutters has many avantages over outside ones 1 you dont have to go outside in winter the sun warms them kinda makes a simple solar gain on the inside someone trying to get to you you will hear the glass break giving you time so on lol yeah check out my sink its a comercal double stainless sink 25 gallons a side many avantages over regular sink can do a full load of laundry in winter you can take a bath in it well i can and have great for canning skinning bigger game and on and on if the zombies are comming you can fill it with dirt

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    Welcome @weaselhawk .. The Monkeys hanging out in the tree are all quite friendly, and if you were to shake a branch with any questions, you can be shure that plenty of answers and or opinions will fall out....
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    lol painted kitchen walls red see in pic lol that was two years before i got my woods stove lol my sub mind must have been thinking red will warm this place up
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