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Help us decide what to buy next

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Trade' started by JC Refuge, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. JC Refuge

    JC Refuge Monkey+++ Vendor

    We still have a few cases of 25-year Freeze Dried Pork Chops and Cod Fillets left, but we are now considering what our next selection will be.

    Please email Vic and let him know what you would like to see next in our store from among these options: Chicken Breasts, Filet Mignon, Sirloins, Top Round Beef Cubes, Hamburger Patties, Smoked Ham, or Chicken Patties.


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  2. JC Refuge

    JC Refuge Monkey+++ Vendor

    FYI--We have a large customer order pending on the cod which will leave only a handful of Cod cases left, so consider this "Last Call" on those cod fillets.
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