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    This Sunday, several of my very talented friends, including Gopherman and his lovely wife, Mrs. Gopherman,, from this site, will be performing a Benefit show at Cowboys and Angels in Mobile, Alabama to try to raise money to help out an old friend that is having a serious bout with cancer.
    Connie Moore has been a health-care professional for most of her adult life. She has assisted countless people providing care and and medical treatment to aged and infirm people in their homes, adding a quality to the lives of many that suffered from inability to take care of themselves. Connie moved to the Gulf coast six years ago and continued her profession of tending to the aged and infirm on a one to one basis until several months ago, when she was diagnosed with cancer. Chemo and radiation have worked and she is now in remission! Connie lost both grand-parents, her mother and father, her brother and her sister to cancer in the past decade, leaving her the only person in her family to survive this dreaded disease. She fully expected to die from cancer herself but by the grace of God and the prayers and support of her many friends, has been allowed to survive and has a chance for a complete recovery! She has not been able to work now for many months and the medical costs have robbed her of her life-savings. These wonderful musicians, along with the Port City Songwriters Association, have gathered here to perform and ask for your help and contributions to aid with her recovery costs. God Bless you and remember that it is not the responsibility of the government to take care of our neighbors, it is our responsibility as a community Donations to the fund set up to help Connie out can be sent via PayPal to and some of the Gulf Coast's finest musicians will be performing all day this Sunday, Nov. 6th, at Cowboys and Angels, to help raise money to help her out. There will be auctions, drink give-aways, door prizes, and surprise guest artists. I will be recording the entire show and cds will be available on-line in a week or two for a small donation to help Connie out. God Bless.
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    Itenerary -Connie Moore - Benefit.
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    I want to thank Melbo and Survival Monkey for allowing me to post this. I try to help my friends and neighbors, when I can and I really appreciate you folks.
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    Best wishes for a productive fund raising day, and for Connie......It looks like a fine line-up of entertainment. (y)
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