Henry Repeating Arms to Manufacture Rifles in Wisconsin

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by stg58, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. stg58

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    Another firearms manufacture leaves an anti gun state taking jobs with it.

    Henry Repeating Arms, the leading lever action rifle manufacturer headquartered in Bayonne NJ, will begin manufacturing their steel centerfire rifles in their Rice Lake, Wisconsin facility in 2014. To date the Wisconsin plant has supplied the Bayonne operation with many components used in all Henry models including receivers, bolts, sights and other internal parts. Several million dollars of new computerized machining equipment was invested in the Wisconsin facility to support the manufacturing of the company’s caliber .30-30 and .45-70 rifles and to increase the volume of the components produced for its rimfire rifles.

    Henry Repeating Arms purchased the 138,000 sq ft Rice Lake facility in 2006 from Wright Products, a subsidiary of FKI Industries, who manufactured their own line of storm door hardware. Wright also supplied components to other industries including Henry Repeating since 1998. Wright ceased manufacturing due to price pressure in the hardware industry, causing hundreds of lost jobs. Henry purchased the building and manufacturing equipment and retained 17 experienced employees. Today the company employs over 100 people and continues to hire to support its continued growth. Anthony Imperato, President and owner of the company states, “I am proud of what we’ve accomplished in Wisconsin by saving jobs, adding jobs, and creating a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. I decided to expand our operations here because of the outstanding job our employees do to help us meet increased demand”.

    Henry Repeating Arms will build and ship in excess of 300,000 rifles in 2013 and employs 300 people in total. Andy Wickstrom, General Manager of both locations, added, “Henry’s goal is always to manufacture a line of classic, well-crafted firearms that every enthusiast can afford. The passion, expertise, and dedication of our employees in Rice Lake embody the company’s motto, ‘Made In America Or Not Made At All’. We are very proud to make Wisconsin a more integral part of the Henry Family.”

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  2. Brokor

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    I would love to own a Henry 45-70, but ONLY if they changed the design from a front tube loading nightmare.
  3. Dont

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    May need to consider a new purchase..
  4. stg58

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    The Marlin 1895 in 45-70 loads on the side.

  5. Silversnake

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    If I win the lottery tonight, I plan to buy Marlin from Cerberus and move them out west.
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  6. Dont

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    SS, Here luck to you..
  7. Gator 45/70

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    Looked at some Henry's today.

    Then I looked at the price tag.

    Then I looked for the door !
  8. Gator 45/70

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    Agreed, Pancaked a ''Blackie'' with one, Major thumper that 45/70 Marlin !
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  9. NWPilgrim

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    How do you tell if a Marlin is an older real Marlin or a newer Remington Marlin? Is the barrel stamped any different?

    I recently bought an 1894 in .44 mag and it is stamped Marlin Firearms, and North Haven, CT. Serial# is MR925xxx

    It appears to be well made and shoots my 240 gr handloads great. Front sight didn't fall off or anything. Yet. :D
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    Clean up time, several posts removed from public view; O/T.
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    Searching around I found that at least on the 1894 if the serial number starts with "MR" then the receiver was made after the Remington acquisition. If the barrel is stamped "JM" on the left side it was made before, and if stamped on right side as "REP" then it was made after acquisition. So mine is totally made after the transitions.

    So far it is a great little rifle and loves the same handloads as my S&W 29.

    Are there specific issues to watch for on the post-Remington buyout rifles?
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  12. Brokor

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    Thanks, I am familiar with the Marlin design. If I can get my hands on an older make (prior to Remington makes) I will snatch one up. With a little research, anybody can find out the status of newer "Marlins" made by Remington, and suffice to say, I do not want to take a chance. Let's hope they continue to improve the quality of Marlins and once again deliver a great rifle. As for the Henry, I really like them. I got to fire one recently, and they definitely function well. Of course, I will probably end up just throwing down the cash for a Winchester if I ever do find a good deal.
  13. gunbunny

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    I would have never believed a friend of mine how smooth the action of a Henry was until he handed me one. The only other lever gun that had a smoother action (that I ever felt) was a browning BLR.
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