HFT- the new scapegoat?

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by gunbunny, Apr 3, 2014.

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    So what's up with everybody mainstream all the sudden going- "Hey, these high frequency traders are wrong!" Now the FBI (yawn) and the SEC (LOL) are "looking" into it, too.

    Either: 1) more kabuki theater to make it look like the letter organizations are actually doing something other than look at internet porn all day. 2) setting up a scapegoat for when things go pear-shaped in the markets. Everyone will be happy when the "evil" HFT machines "that caused it all" are shut down and the cables cut, and owners are "brought to justice" (sell summer home).

    Everyone that could add 2+2 could tell that HFT was not ethical. Money to be made, damn the laws sort of mentality took over. Money begets money, and greases the right wheels. Of course it's legal for THEM to frontrun, but NOT you. Go away, goyem.

    (just a funny side-note: the spell check doesn't like the word goyem, and when I clicked on alternatives to see what would come up, the system wants to replace it with the word employee!)
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    sshhhh, the game is rigged anyway.
    the letter guys just wish they'd gotten a cut.
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