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    According to some this is believed by this individual...

    You Better Know THIS About Democrat VP Nominee Tim Kaine! [Video]

    Tim Kaine has ties to communists activists in South America. It appears to be an on going love affair. Have you every heard the term ‘liberation theology?’

    lib·er·a·tion the·ol·o·gy

    a movement in Christian theology, developed mainly by Latin American Roman Catholics, that emphasizes liberation from social, political, and economic oppression as an anticipation of ultimate salvation.

    What this boils down to is using the Church to overthrow the government. Oh, and by the way, establish a communist government. Read more here.

    You Better Know THIS About Tim Kaine! [Video]

    As Written (op-ed) by Ken Blackwell for The Hill:

    According to the media, Tim Kaine took a life transforming “mission” trip to Latin America in 1980. Conveniently left out of these stories, are the radical reality of the Cold War in Latin America and Tim Kaine’s Soviet sympathizing mentors. In fact, whatever Kaine’s intentions, he more likely met Karl Marx than Jesus Christ while there.
    Connect the dots with a little history, and an alarming picture emerges of Kaine’s adventures with radicals and revolutionaries in 1980s Latin America.
    Reports indicate that in Honduras, “Mr. Kaine embraced an interpretation of the gospel, known as liberation theology…”

    This wasn’t mainstream “Catholic thought” at the time. It was a radical, Marxist-based ideology at odds with the Church, the pope, and the United States, but supportive of (and supported by) the Soviet Union.

    To counter Vatican opposition to this theology, now published documents from the Soviet and East German archives show “active measures” were undertaken to undermine the Vatican and the pope — key barriers to a Soviet influence in Latin America.

    The documents are detailed in books by former Associated Press Berlin bureau chief, John Koehler and the Mitrokhin Archive data published by Cambridge University Professor Christopher Andrew.

    Tim Kaine’s political formation wasn’t pro-American or pro-Catholic, it was pro-Soviet.

    Journalistic and academic research has now shown that Liberation Theology itself was quite possibly a product of a Kremlin disinformation campaign designed to undermine the Church and bring Catholic countries into the Soviet sphere. The top-ranking Soviet Bloc defector of the Cold War, Gen. Ion Pacepa admits that he was personally involved in the operation.

    And contrary to the myth, this was never Pope Francis’ theology of choice.

    According to Argentine Jesuits, he was never favorable to Marxist-tinged theology. Open to debate, yes. A proponent, no.

    In 2005, he directly discussed “Liberation Theology,” “Christian socialism” and other “revolutionary” ways of thinking, saying: “After the collapse of ‘real socialism,’ these currents of thought were ….

    Full Story Here:

    Tim Kaine’s radical roots | TheHill

    You Better Know THIS About Tim Kaine! [Video]
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