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    We have worked several of these in the past few months and this crime seems to be picking up across the US.
    Home Invasion Facts:

    • According to a United States Department of Justice report:
      • 38% of assaults & 60% of rapes occur during home invasions.
      • 1 of every 5 homes will experience a break-in or home invasion. That's over 2,000,000 homes!
    • According to Statistics Canada, there has been an average of 289,200 home invasions annually over the last 5 years.
    • Statistically, there are over 8,000 home invasions per day in North America
    • According to Statistics U.S.A., there was an average of 3,600,000 home invasions annually between 1994 and 2000
    Property Crime Facts (According to the FBI in the US: www.fbi.gov):

    • One property crime happens every 3 seconds.
    • One burglary occurs every 10 seconds.
    • One violent crime occurs every 20 seconds.
    • One aggravated assault occurs every 35 seconds.
    • One robbery occurs every 60 seconds, or 1 minute.
    • One forcible rape occurs every 2 minutes.
    • There were over 2 million burglaries in 2005.
    • An increase in burglary offenses was the only property crime to increase in 2005 compared with the prior year data.
    Here are a couple of articles from across the US

    Action News
    BERLIN, N.J. - November 2, 2011 (WPVI) -- This is a story of a home invasion that has police concerned and an elderly couple shaken and scared.

    Police say the suspect knocked on the front door asking for directions. The elderly woman obliged.
    He then went back to his vehicle shown on surveillance video at a nearby hospital.
    He then reemerged with gloves, a ski mask, and a handgun.
    "He then forced his way into the house and proceeded to scuffle with the individuals," Berlin Borough Police Chief Robert Cararra said.
    The woman tried to escape. Her husband, who uses a walker, tried to help. He was pistol whipped and both were tied up.
    The burglar ransacked the house and stole $180 cash.
    "They thought they were going to die; they actually thought they were going to die," Cararra said.
    The elderly man is dealing with a potentially deadly head injury. His wife has a couple of broken ribs and suffered a heart attack after the ordeal.
    Police say it's the third time someone has broken into the home, however, investigators don't believe they're connected.
    Neighbor Geoage Tiberino has also had his home broken into several times in recent years.
    "They are all on drugs and they got to make a few bucks," Tiberino said.
    Berlin police say the suspect was driving a 2008 to 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer.
    It has New Jersey plates and the FBI is trying to enhance the plate number.
    Anyone with information is urged to call police.
    "They still fear for their lives. They are worried about retaliation by the suspect, so we're going to do everything we can to protect their identities while at the same time try to do the best we can to apprehend the suspect," Cararra said.

    Equal Opportunity Profession: 1 Man, 3 Women Arrested in S.C. Home Invasion

    January 5, 2012 | Filed under: Stories | Posted by: admin
    <!-- /metas -->On May 23, two women knocked on a victims’ apartment door, saying their car had broken down. After the door was opened, two men forced entry into the home in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The perpetrators raped the woman and assaulted the man before leaving with two flat screen television and two cell phones.
    On December 21, three women were arrested in connection with the crime. Twenty-one-year-old Kearanee Chadron Brewton, 21-year-old Marianna Sheree Howard, and 20-year-old Ashley Nicole Nelson have been charged with armed robbery, burglary, kidnapping and criminal conspiracy.
    A month earlier, in November, Darius Leander Wilson was arrested in connection with the incident. Wilson was charged with armed robbery, criminal sexual conduct, burlgary, two counts of kidnapping, criminal conspiracy, and possession of a weapon during a violent crime.
    The second man had not been charged, as of this writing on January 5.
    In the invasion, Herald Online reports that the man was tied up, stripped naked, and subjected to hot water and bleach being poured on him. The two men stayed in the house several hours looking for money, with one of them reportedly saying, “Don’t y’ll got some money in there? Where is the money?”
    A neighbor heard the victims scream for help and called police.

    Now what I do and would like to see what others do is
    I keep a gun with me 24/7 I guess being an L.E.O. and part of a drive by when I live in an apartment. I also keep guns through out the house

    I keep the doors lock when home and a rubber wedge under them

    I have a locked gate on the front and rear yard/ With dogs

    I have cameras on front and back doors.

    What worries me is I know how quick a person or a group of people can enter a residence. From the warrants I have done over the years and when it happens it's a shock to the people inside. Thats what we rely on to keep us safe get in and secure the area. Even with a gun in hand focusing and processing whats happening is going to slow you down. So if I can have warning it's coming I can be ready for the threat. Another concern is the family when I'm not there, we have talked and practiced and also have a safe room. They know not to attempt to defendt the doors just get to the room and set up a defence from there. I know this is kind of a long post but with the econemy thing are getting worse and I just want people to be aware and lose the false sence of security at home.
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    My home is hardened & getting Harder. Safety Storm Security Doors & Steel Doors are the least of it. Since I tend to have a firearm on me all the time even at home, when I answer the door my hand is on it and safety is off, half a second away from ruining their life if they have bad intentions.

    LoL even mowing grass I'm armed, though it means more frequent firearm cleaning
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    Hmmm.........now theres a thought. Wonder is Hoppes #9 is sold by the 5 gallon bucket. Have bunches of bottles of it, but a few bucketfuls would be nice. :)
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    The best defense is to do our best to avoid becoming a victim, whether from a home invasion or a personal attack and the time to think about strategies is before the event, not during and after. The world is not always a safe and happy place so we have to be ever vigilant against potential harm. Thanks for this warning Alpha.
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    Also don't forget to keep your guard up even if the fellow at the door is in uniform. Been numerous cases of these crimes being committed by people dressed as law enforcement. I know most monkey's are intelligent enough not to allow LEO's entry to their homes anyway, but it may just save your life to call dispatch and confirm the identity of the officer at your door.
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    Recommended a pocket pistol to an older friend who likes to work in his green house. Too many people were driving up to ask the old man questions, so he figured they might not be nice people, so he gardens with a gun now.
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    Most fakers dont wear a uniform they just flash a badge. First thing look for the car. It should have gov plates and lights, even it it not totally marked. Make then show you the ID so you can actually see it not a quick flash.
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    We had some pretty good discussions about personal safety on an earlier thread that became a "sticky" Read the thread here "Personal Safety Information"
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  9. Alpha Dog

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    Look for strange vehicles driving in the area repeatedly or people walking they could be gathering intel. Call your local Deputy and get him to check it out if he is any kind of officer he will. I like the the people of my county calls me they truly help me do my job as under staffed as we are 5 Deputies for the whole county. Plus they have got me alot of good arrests by following up on their calls I give all the credit to the citzens they make me and the Sheriff Dept look good and help us protect the community. Also when out in the local mom and pop places listen and look at people who are asking directions and different questions. When you arrive home take a couple of seconds before you get out of the vehicle look around for people, vehicles or things out of place. If something dont feel right back out and ride around the block most of the time your gut is right. Dont pull into the drive way with your window down it is harder for a person to get to you. If someone starts toward you and you dont know them dont be scared to voice check them telling them to stop if they dont move to your weapon. I can explain why I drew down on a person and they ran off Its hard to give a report with a broke jaw or worse. These people use brute force to over come their victim, they are their with the intent to hurt you fast so they can get what they came for and get out. Also in these home invasion's they can turn into a hostage or even a kidnapping at the blink of the eye. Just a change in the thought process of a cracked out idiot. Check on your elderly neighbors they will be the first targets for these type of cowards. They know most people work and the elderly will be home most of the day without any neighbors to see them go to the house. Watch for door to door salesman, when Im out on patrol if I see one I ID them and put in a file. If they dont have ID or I dont feel right about them they get the third degree then ran off.. I have a few older guys around the county I give my personal cell so they can call me day or night and I also stop by for a cup of coffee a couple times of week to set on the crow pole and get the weekly report and give them a little info on what Ive found. Have someone to call you after you get home and have a code phrase for call the Police someone is here and I need help or if you dont answer after a certain time to come and check. Alot of these crimes take place as you are getting home they come up from behind and in through the door. If possible use different routes home let a friend or family member know the routes just incase you break down or something but most invasions the people are watched to get a patteren of the victim.
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    Late last summer, I was leaving a gas station late one Saturday night and this car pulls out behind me and gets right on my rear bumper. I pulled into my road, a fairly deserted country road with no neighbors, and he pulls in right behind me and continues kissing my rear end. Going farther down the road was not a good option because it is a winding mountain road, no lights, no houses, so I pulled into my driveway and he drove on. I ran into the house, grabbed my shotgun and went back outside. I pulled a chair up behind one of my other vehicles and hid with the shotgun for the better part of a hour, waiting...He came by once more but that was it.

    My house was broken into 3 times in 18 months a few years ago when I was without a pup. I've always had Dobies and felt very safe so I got another and once again, felt very safe since he was a one woman dog and wouldn't let anyone near me - something a guy found out when he got a little too close to me and Apollo broke his hand.

    Apollo died May 1st so I'm once again vulnerable. Have to take care of that in the near future.
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    Nothing like a Vigilant Female, with a Shotgun, waiting for an Idiot Perp, to return for his comeupance.... You go girl.....:mad:
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    I already looked, the best I could find was 1 gallon.

    HOPPE'S No. 9 - Brownells
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    I've had Dobes for 30 years and now we have Pitts. Our experience has been the Pitts are "friendlier" when a stranger walks up and more aggressive to strange animals than a Dobe.

    As raccoons on the deck at night or a squirrel raiding the bird feeders get noticed promptly abd very few people have an animal's stealth. There is a lot of potential for one of those ignore the dogs and beware the owner moments.
  14. Alpha Dog

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    I have pitts as well mine are fine with people walking down the road but once they cross the property line or enter the drive way they are had. The pitts also become more protective over the family than any other breed. My oldest which goes every where I do is fine around people until they attempt to touch me my wife or daughter. Several years ago my dad went to hug me and pat me on the back when he was leaving my house and max attempted to remove his arm. My dad has been around him for years and he will start to bite him for being to close. Also there was a time I went on a three day trip and ask my dad to stop in and feed them. I have a dog door so he didn't have to let them out any way when dad went to enter the house he wouldn't let him enter. The dog went and urinated on my chair got up in it and laid down. My dad had to use a stick to slide food and water in. Dad still cusses about that. I love the breed and they will be yours for life.
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    I would love to have a dog but I must suffice with an opossum for now, at least until dinner. Be very careful, there are zombies everywhere. My home has been invaded by a raccoon. It has managed to eat some of my food items that I am trying to preserve.
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    They read me; if I am "cool" they are friendly with the Dobes it was "here" then "sit" with one a "no" also.
    My daughter has a big red female and a Colby male. I have a long legged Blue female who is a lover and a very protective girl. ;)
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