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Discussion in 'Technical' started by stg58, Sep 25, 2015.

  1. stg58

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    With my experience with the dash cam I have been thinking of upgrading my home security with some cameras.
    I have two DVMS 1600's with low hours from a non surveillance testing project.
    There are many packages of of DVRs and cameras out there my natural inclination is to reuse the DVMS 1600's but some of the packages out there are tempting as well.
    Any thoughts on home video systems?
    DVMS 1600
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    One of the many packages $179 with no hard-drive I have many.
    .Zmodo 4CH/4Cam 720p sPoE NVR Security System - Electronics.Woot
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    The generic Chinese ones are no good but they are cheap.

    95% of DVRs will get h4x0rd the minute you plug them into the internet :( :cry: :mad:
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  3. stg58

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  4. Airtime

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    I have been wanting to pull the trigger on a video system for a while. There are several things I want and will probably need to select various bits to build my own system and it probably won't be dirt cheap (rats!).

    I think electronic security systems are a good force multiplier post SHTF and do dual service by enhancing protection of one and his preps before. Yeah, there are the naysayers that think every single thing electronic will fry when their certain EMP hits. Maybe an EMP might hit but good chance one won't. I have also been around electronic design and EMC testing enough to doubt ALL electronics will fry and post SHTF I probably don't need a DVR etc. Getting just some cameras working (having a few spares makes sense) yields much of the benefit.

    Here are some features I desire:

    - DVR, ideally runs on 12 vdc. Can auto back up to remote hard drive secured inside my gun safe or upload to a cloud server.

    Main system features:
    * Motion activated warning feature.
    * Accepts both hard wired cameras, IP and IP wireless inputs (I'd like to be able to position a couple cameras well away from house without running wires)
    * Minimum of 16 inputs.
    * Can easily select display to show 16, 9, 4 (or similar sets) or 1 channels on monitor.
    * Ability to include sound monitoring and recording.
    * System can provide live video and system control over Internet or over private network (I am in middle of setting up a wireless network that should give me access to my network over 1/2 mile away so I hope to be able to monitor everything anywhere on the farm with a smart phone or tablet via 4G or my wireless network.)

    - I need 7-8 outdoor cameras and would also like one with a good quality zoom lense and pan/tilt mount that is IP controlled. (I want to put it near the top of my 60 foot antenna tower to survey the farm.)

    - When/if I can find the money or a super deal, then add a thermal camera on the tower at some future point.

    - I would like all the cameras to have IR capabilities but use remote illuminators, not the built-in LEDs. (that let's the illumination be better tailored for the site and doesn't tell anyone with even cheap night vision where each camera is located).

    There are probably other features but these are some of the key items I think would be good. But hey, most any system is better than no system. I will probably need to expand a minimal system over time so a full system needs to be planned first so items purchased will play well together as the system grows.

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  5. Airtime

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    Which Samsung model? What does it have you like and what is it missing? (in other words what would you do different next time?)
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    I like your thinking AT. Much better to think through your needs and then construct the system to satisfy the identified needs than to buy a solution in a box and then have to make compromises to get the best possible capability that falls least shortest from your actual needs.

    Having said that, an affordable boxed solution with the greatest capability for what you can afford short term, may be a necessary interim arrangement until the grand master plan comes to fruition. (a hamburger now, may be worth more than a steak dinner in a month's time to a starving man). With careful thought and research, a boxed solution might be integrated with an ideal bespoke solution, but if the two systems for some reason are not compatible, you at least have a backup surveillance capability; or some surveillance capability at a secondary location (BOL perhaps).

    I like your idea of using non-camera IR illumination to paint areas of tactical interest for the camera to observe without being locatable. Mirror reflection painting may be worth thinking about also.

    A surveillance capacity that may be worth considering is a remote control car mounted camera. It may collect INT from places that the static camera systems may not have covered:

    Via: Remote-Controlled Camera Mount | Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers

    Just don't send it toooooo close to the lions....

    Via: RC camera car meets a pride of lions (22 pics + video) | Amazing Creatures
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  7. Gator 45/70

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    I'm pretty challenged on building a system like your putting together.
    Last year I bought a Swann 2 camera will accept 4 cameras hardwired.
    I believe I have less than 5 bills in it.
    Neighbor put in a wireless, Had problems with his Wi-Fi?
  8. sec_monkey

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    Go all wired, do not use WiFi for security systems :)
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