homeland security gearing up in Iowa

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Tango3, May 10, 2008.

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    I thought that was a FEMA/ICE exercise. Edit, yup same info. Didn't remember the Homeland security part.
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    This what you mean(?)

    "NCC officials said they were told the grounds were rented for a training exercise and that the Federal Emergency Management Agency was involved. FEMA and ICE both fall under the command of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security."
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    showing their hand:big ice raid in waterloo_Of course Alex claims they are just"testing the fema camp" procedures:


    not sure I'd go that far...
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    You know, that's some kind of stupid. On May 8, the local paper had reported that the Latinos in the area were worried there would be a raid on illegals. Then on the 12th, there was --- catching a bundle of illegals! Hmmmmmm. I'd have thought those folks would've laid low or otherwise avoided capture for a while. Certainly the plant would've encouraged that behaviour since now they could face some serious trouble for knowingly hiring illegals, right? Hell, they'd already 'hosted' the govt in Nov for a few unpleasant charges.

    But on the whole, the original link is more disturbing. To think of FEMA actually training for anything in itself is amazingly alarming. Aren't they the Federal Emergency Muck-up Agency? Why would they be involved in an immigrations raid and serving warrants for illegal use of social security numbers/IDs?

    Maybe the answer is just so simple, it's escaping me.
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    I think immigration and customs falls under "homeland security", Alex's guys probably took some liberties with the organizational chart?
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    Yup, thanks, lost in my own links..."The original "story" was of the quiet federal goings on bulding up the cattle congress "(fairgrounds?)in Waterloo Iowa.( http://www.infowars.com/?p=2054)

    Feds were not talking about the generators/ventilators and barricades being set into place. Here we see an obvious reason. It seemingly was being readied to recieve mass arrests of illegals( the official justification presented for the kbr contract to build "fema detention camps" throughout the us.)
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    Hey maybe they are going to round up all the illegals and deport them!
    The numbers of and Occupancy size of all the camp nationwide would then make sense right? Housing for upwards of 16 million people. Maybe the US is going back to Isolationism.
    And we can hope that it occurs without all those bad parts of a trapped population thing.
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