How much does your pack weigh??

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by SurvivalTech, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. SurvivalTech

    SurvivalTech Monkey

    So how much does your emergency backpack, B.O.B or whatever you want to call it weigh?
  2. Witch Doctor 01

    Witch Doctor 01 Mojo Maker

    my 72 hour bag weights 24lbs... not including EDC
  3. TheEconomist

    TheEconomist Creighton Bluejay

    It depends on the season...I would say 50 or 60 lbs
  4. SurvivalTech

    SurvivalTech Monkey

    That's a good amount, what do you have in it bro..:D I would say mines around 25-30 by looking at it but I haven't weighed it yet, I dont have a scale...

    That's a lot of weight man but if you can carry it who cares
  5. Witch Doctor 01

    Witch Doctor 01 Mojo Maker

    I'll go through it and try to make a list... i've changed it around many times and need to update the list to the current carry...
  6. SurvivalTech

    SurvivalTech Monkey

    I took a couple of things out of my pack yesterday because it was a little too bulky you know, so now I think it is alright but I replaced some unnecessary items with extra clothing.
  7. Witch Doctor 01

    Witch Doctor 01 Mojo Maker

    I think thgis is the last list... it's designed to either get me home or to Snapper Johns BOL ...

    Button compass
    Silva Map compass<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com[​IMG]McNett Tactical Aquamira Frontier Pro Ultralight Water Filter

    4 liter camelback
    Bivy sack
    Space blanket
    Gerber folding saw
    100 rnds .22
    Sling shot Wrist rocket folder
    1 pack of life boat rations
    Pack of fruit leathers and jerky
    Pint Ziploc bag with tea, bouillon cubes, flavors, hard candy, spices (salt, pepper, tobacco sauce, garlic)
    Pill bottle pj cotton balls
    Pack of trick birthday candles
    2 pairs of sox and underwear
    2 large trash bags
    2 gallon Ziploc bags
    5 hour energy drinks x2
    Tooth brushes (disposable 4 packs and one normal)
    GI poncho (shelter, water gathering, waterproofing, wear, wind break)
    2 flash lights w/ spare batteries (one is used as a backup and to hold a fishing kit as well)
    Head lamp (all use same size rechargeable batteries)
    Solar night light (recharges batteries)
    Small bottle hand sanitizer
    Small bottle break free
    Small bottle 30% DEET
    Small roll of flat duct tape
    Baby wipes
    Cham wow or micro fiber towel x2
    Chamois cloth
    Work gloves w/liners
    Ranger beads
    9 premade 36” steel wire snares
    Personal kit (spare glasses , meds, straight razor, scissors, soap, etc…)
    Cammo pack cover
    Eaton crank radio/phone charger/garmin/nook charger/solar flashlight/, etc.)
    Nook with extra 16 gig chip (loaded with assorted SM files and e-books)
    Garmin GPSMAP
    Tacks painted with florescent paint
    Zip ties (20)
    Small wheel barrow inner tube with inflate spare can
    Modified medium Alice back pack & frame
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  8. Sweet Chuckie

    Sweet Chuckie Monkey

    Hi everyone, first post on the forum. I've been reading it for a while, and appreciate the viewpoints here. I've learned a lot here, and would like to contribute as I can.

    My own personal thoughts on the BOB might be slightly different than some, but I feel they work well for me. As I live app. in the center of Montana, I probably won't be bugging out to anywhere. But I still wanted to have my necessary goodies available on a moments notice, just in case. Being prepared is why we read and exchange ideas on here....

    While I have a few backpack type options, as I love hunting and playing in the boonies, I wanted to have my gear all together in a bit more dedicated fashion. I keep everything in a large duffel, except for my food stash, which I keep in a bag in the freezer.

    If I ever feel the need to boogie, I'll grab the rations from the freezer, my duffel bag, and be gone.

    Inside the duffel bag is an assault type vest that holds 2 pistols, along with 4 pistol mags, 6 AR mags, and a few other goodies such as lights, fire starters, knives, etc. Over this I'll wear a vest I bought from Duluth Trading Co., that has a lot of pockets, inside and out. I carry the rest of my needed goodies in it. I also carry a 4L Camelbak over this. It also has a couple of stash pockets. For 223, I'll either carry an AR, or a Keltec PLR 16.

    The reason I went this route is the 2 "vests" distribute the weight very nicely, plus the Duluth vest covers the assault type vest well. Not counting the AR or the Camelbak, the 2 vests fully loaded with goodies, pistol and AR mags loaded, the weight comes to 27 pounds. While I'm 71 years old, I stay in shape, and can handle these loads very well. In total, they weigh quite a bit less than the packs I normally hunt with.

    Thank you, Sweet Chuckie
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  9. SurvivalTech

    SurvivalTech Monkey

    Nice man, I am wanting to get a vest as well I am wanting to get a medic vest but I wouldn't just use it for meds/emergency surgery/or basic first aid supplies, but with extra water purification tabs, poly cord, and personal useful small items for survival...

    If I did get a vest tho the weight I have to carry would obviously increase from around 25-30 pounds to around 30-37 (im just guessing but still am not sure if I would manage)

    When ever I go camping I look and observe for natural water sources in plants, little streams, or using the wet grasses to obtain decent fresh water. I am going to be working on where to find edible plants and study where and how they grow in certain areas!!
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