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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by plumberroy, Sep 18, 2021.

  1. plumberroy

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    That trying to vaccinate everyone is the biggest screw up in medical history. I believe people over 65, people with major health issues, people with immune problems, should be vaccinated. For the rest of us I'm not sure it's a good idea. If you read the actual specs the vaccine does make easier cases less hospitalization that's the reason I think people with high risk should be vaccinated. But the vaccine also makes many more people asymptomatic or very very mild symptoms. To the point where they don't take the precautions of somebody that has a full blown case. Thus spreading it to those that are high risk is more likely. For the record I've read about everything that comes out from the reliable sources. I work maintenance and a level one trauma Center. So I have access to people with medical research training and I'm able to have private off the record discussions. I also actually see who's in the hospital for covid
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    Compliance has been tested, non compliant identified, federal powers have strengthened and government as a whole has demonstrated it has more control and authority over your life. Appears to be a complete success...


    ...a few hundred million firearms owners just watched General Milley Vannilly's armed forces get completely humiliated by a couple thousand Taliban who didn't even have to use F15's and nukular, you know, the things. Oh, yeah, and both France and Great Britain have told Joe "the Great Uniter" to GFY.
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    Fauci already said that making a vaccine for a virus like covid and give it everyone will make the virus worse.
    And here we are.
    Yeah the vaccine should have only ever been for high risk people.
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    They are trying to destroy the “control group”. That way if there is major issues with long term side effects there is no unvaxed group to compare symptoms to. This protects the people that forced the vax from being held responsible for potential long term medical conditions caused by the vax. Hard to say the vax caused it if there is no unvaxed group to compare to.
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    With all the flip flopping back and forth, and the proven facts that the Fauxie Ouchie dosnt actually do jack shit, it's mind boggling how many stupid, arrogant, ignorant, or ardent people are about submitting to the shot!

    All this for an experimental shot that was rushed through with out being fully tested or even proved, and now the outright demands, yea! I still think it's all bullshit!
  6. Tempstar

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    Something about this vaccine has raised my hackles since day one. Never has the Gov pushed something so hard. I don't know what, but something is very wrong with the whole picture.
  7. SB21

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    My sentiments exactly . Even when Trump was pushing it,, I wasn't sold ,, I thought that would have been the worse things Trump could have done ,, is push an untested , un approved vaccine .
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    Yup, even when Trump was pushing hard, I thought to me self, and the wife and I had talked it through very throughly that there was no way that any one could pull it off! I'm a retired Trauma Medic, I understand how pharma does things, while I'm far from expert in such matters, I still understand most of it! Wife is a newly retired Trauma Surgeon, specialist in brain trauma and Neurology, but agile in most things about the body enough to also know how this all is supposed to work, and we both agreed that at best there would be a bunch of short term fixes, but no medical treatment beyond what we currently have for the flu!
    It was also a shock to see the FDA approve these things while basically tossing the protocols of testing, confirming, and reviewing things, and then studying them longer to insure no side effects or long term unknowns!

    Look at all the bullshit that had gotten FDA approval only to show major down sides, or worse, ether make a problem worse, or the side effects are worse then what the treatment was supposed to fix! How many major lawsuits because a drug got approved and then further testing showed it was more fucked up then the problem it was supposed to fix? Yea, I ain't buying it!
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  9. arleigh

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    There are hearings right now over the cure of Ivermectin and medical specialists all over the world are toting its effectiveness and wondering why the push back from the FDA and CDC when there is a cure that both cured the disease and prevents it from spreading? Furthermore they ee the problems of the protocol the CDC requires that patient must wait till the disease has taken full effect before taking action, most people in the world know for a fact that this is wrong.
    IMO this all, sharp as a needle, points to agenda 21.
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  10. TnAndy

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    Forget Covid as a disease for a minute, and look at the wider picture.

    I think we are in the middle of WW3 and almost nobody recognizes it since it doesn't have the trappings of soldiers, guns, invasions/etc. The two sides are: Most of humanity, and The Elite that want to control/preserve the world for their benefit and their prodigy.

    Conducting open warfare at this point is not effective. It would alert too many folks and the Elite would lose. So the best way to wage war is covertly, and use the trust built up over many years by humanity in the medical establishment. Sun Tzu: attack where most vunerable.

    1. Engineer a 'gain of function' virus and turn it loose. Doesn't have to be particularly effective or deadly, so don't get bogged down in the death statistics/etc. It simply has to be something new that can be used to scare the shit out of people. That happened early last year.

    2. Get govt officials genuinely scared (or bought off, or promised their place in the New Society) so they go along with whatever comes from a few 'soldiers' the Elite have planted.....like Faucci......can get them to impose useless masking (futher promoting the myth and their agenda), flooding hospitals with money to get them to list virtually every cause of death as Covid, and so on. Get the propaganda arm owned by the Elite (the mainsteam news) to harp on how bad things are, day in and day out. Shut down the economy to "flatten the curve" (that has now turned into a circle) NOW you've got the public scared out of their wits (and let's face it, a whole LOT of them ain't got a lot to start with), and setup for the 'invasion'.

    3. The invasion isn't a landing on beaches.....it's the VACCINE. It might work slightly to help the effects of your engineered virus. But that is merely a side effect...not the point of the vaccine. The point of the vaccine is to kill off over time (say almost from day one to a year or two) a fair % of those taking it, and most important, to sterilize children to reduce population growth to the negative side.

    7+ billion people on this planet, most of them living 3rd world status, but moving "on up, to the East Side" (theme from the old show "The Jeffersons") looking for their 'piece of the pie', which simply can't happen on a planet of pretty much fixed resources.....which is WHY the Elite are waging this war.....as most wars.....a war for resources.

    The purpose of this war is to kill off a few billion people (more if their govts can be convinced to get their populations in the Israeli range of vaccination), and bring a halt to growth by stopping births....hence the new drive to get kids down to 12 the jab.

    Now you'll no doubt point out that much of Africa, India, and so on are not getting the vaccine because they can't afford it. No problem....those folks will succum to a later version designed especially for them, or we'll kill them off the old fashioned way with actual war, or Stalin-ize 'em by starvation. Don't want to get rid of all of 'em anyway, the Elite still need slaves to do the dirty work in resource production.

    And there you have what I think is going on. We're getting too bogged down in the thousands of little things and failing to see the big picture....we're in a war.
  11. Gator 45/70

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    For those that took the death JAB,
    The only thing right now that supposedly counteracts it and reverses its side affects is....
    White pine needle tea and huge amounts of vitamin C, and there it is !
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  12. Lancer

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    Warning - assemble tinfoil hat and carefully attach to head.
    My personal take?
    1. Forcibly vax the entire "native" US population. ie: all current US voters. In progress.
    2. Exempt the entire ruling "elite", ie: three branches of Fed government & staffs, Post Orifice, courts, etc Done.
    3. Allow a bazillion unvaxed, invaders in who are unable to support themselves and must live on the .gov teat. In progreess.
    4. Several studies indicate severe, undoc'd long term "side effects". See OldDude49 post from yesterday.
    Theory: population replacement. The vaxed die off relatively soon or fail to reproduce, thus leaving behind the Rulers and an unwashed, uneducated, unarmed core population to serve the Rulers.
    I hope I'm wrong. I don't think I am.
  13. DKR

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    You know, that could be a novel or something...

    (White Plague - Frank Herbert)
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  14. GOG

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    This is a war and if things don't start to turn around soon, the elites will feel the wrath of the people. Unintended consequences inbound.
  15. Cruisin Sloth

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    Lets hope the .MIL figures it , and the sidewinders (milly babys) are CM and shown off .
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    Yes! Me too! Something has been so off about this whole thing from the beginning and call it instinct or some sort of extra sense but something has made me feel that what we've been told is not the truth. And, what continues to enforce this belief is, like what you said, "Never has the Gov pushed something so hard." WHY? Like they care if I live or die? That's a fine joke. Something is obviously rotten and I fear @TnAndy might be closer to what is really happening than even he thinks.

    That's what really bugs me - meaning - what the hell are they really up to? Is it population control? And, if so, how the hell did they get Russia to go along with it since they have been moving heaven and earth to INCREASE their population for the last decade because it was in such serious decline. I can't see Israel agreeing to this either but...nevertheless, population control seems to be the only thing that fits.

    Or, it could be about something that will be released in the future and if you don't have the jab then you die off because they would want to save the ones that are controllable and compliant. And, when people do start dying off like the Black Plague they can stand upon the moral high saying, "We tried!" and this would enforce their deity standing with the controllable host. Also, this would sort of fit with killing off those in the Third World since they have to pay for the jab so can't get it.

    Dunno but if the government is pushing something this hard then I don't want anything to do with it and will take my chances.
  17. apache235

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    If the government says it's good, then it probably isn't. How many doctors endorsed Lucky Strike cigarettes? How many times has the CDC been wrong? How temporary has the income tax been? Oh it will NEVER be over 1% they said. If they are pushing this hard for the jab, there is something seriously wrong and what's worse is that the government knows it.
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  19. TnAndy

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    No, I'm pretty sure that IS really happening. Too many mouths to feed on a planet with finite resources. The same reason for almost every war.
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