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    May even send a copy to my politician...

    Few Points of Clarification Before a Democrat, Republican & Media Kumbaya
    Michael Bane
    USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Both Democrats (predictably), the Republican establishment (also predictably) and the discredited MSM (because they don’t have a clue) are giving their “mend a divided nation,” peace love and flowers speech.

    Before we all sit down at the same drum circle, I’d like to clarify a few points:

    1) We didn’t elect Trump to “end the gridlock in Washington.”

    2) We didn’t elect Trump to “reach across the aisle to get things done.”

    3) We didn’t elect Trump to cozy up to the Democrats and see if they can find a “compromise” way to chip away at our rights.

    We elected Trump — and I have been all-in for a long time — to END the “fundamental change” of America, to drag the “Obama legacy” into the sunlight, tie it to a post, execute it, then bury it in unhallowed ground.

    Only then can America move ahead.

    A couple of more points of clarification, at least from my point of view (which is, parenthetically, the only one I am qualified to give):
    1) I unconditionally respect the rights of other people to their own opinions. I respected it on Monday; I respected it on Wednesday. That doesn’t mean I have to respect those opinions.

    2) After the progressive far-left takeover of the Democrat party, those Democrat plotted — gleefully — how they were going to strip me of my rights as soon as they were in office. They made it a talking point. They did not give a damn that the vast majority of Americans were against them; rather, they operated on Barack Obama’s coda of, “Elections have consequences.

    3) Socialism, even in it’s Democratic Party guise of “progressivism,” is evil, a boot on the face forever, to paraphrase Orwell. Socialism is the handmaiden to totalitarianism. It has never worked; it will never work. If you as an individual would like to participate in a socialist experiment, move to Venezuela or any number of African pest-holes. They would be happy to have you, and the money in your wallet. Bring your own food. I unconditionally oppose any compromise on moving America in that direction. I opposed it on Monday; I opposed it on Wednesday.

    4) I see no difference between “progressives” and, say, violent anti-Semites or America Nazis — they hold opinions which I do not and can not countenance. Moreover, progressives, as are their analog anti-Semites and virulent racists, are evangelical in their zeal to spread their vile teachings. Compromise? What compromise is there with evil?

    5) If you are a liberal, that is, you come with a different world view than mine, fine, we can talk, argue, maybe find some common ground. If, however, your liberalism extends to limiting my rights or exercising power over my life, there is no common ground to be found.

    6) On Monday, I was a small “l” libertarian and a single-issue voter. Nothing changed on Wednesday morning.

    7) I’m all for “civil,” not so much on “compromise.”

    About Michael Bane

    Michael Bane defies stereotypes. He has leveraged a career as a journalist, author, professional adventurer and acknowledged expert on firearms into some of the most innovative — and successful — shooting sports programming in the world. Read more at www.michaelbane.blogspot.com .

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    He makes a damn good point about compromise because frankly these types don't seem to understand the word. It is all their way or nothing so...for my 2 cents, it's nothing. They have had it their way for at least the last 8 years and have taken every opportunity to do whatever the hell they wanted without regard to our laws, our rights or us as citizens. So, yeah, I agree with this guy...
  3. chimo

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    I have been making that same argument concerning gun laws since the 90s. We've done nothing but compromise and they keep pushing for more...I stopped compromising...it's time to start taking back what we foolishly compromised away.

    Compromise is great...it's a requirement to govern or get things done. But you can only compromise with people of honor and integrity. Compromising with dishonest creeps is like volunteering to get robbed or raped.
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    and there ya are...

    said elsewhere long time ago to these people compromise means give us what we want n shutup about what you want...

    they simply do NOT compromise... when they use the term... history shows... there is none...
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    There is only ONE word for the type of compromise they always seek, Oppression!
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    When you approach the bargaining table with compromise in your mind, you have already lost.
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    works for me.
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    I love the way the media is kicking there own ass over this. It's refreshing and about time. Trumps victory is days old and he has affected more positive change (imho) than the last 8 years. Everyone! Is questioning shit....even Michael Moore said somethings that made sense! That's change!
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    The DNC is abusing itself, too. They have figured out that it's easy to misread fudged stats and believe in preconceived notions.
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