Idiot Trophy Hunters

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  1. stg58

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    This douche bag claims he can hit a playing card at 100 yards with his bow but does not get a clean kill and 40 hours later he uses a gun to finish off the Lion then takes the head and hide leaving the carcass to rot which gives all legitimate hunters a very bad name.

    D-bag trophy hunter
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  2. ghrit

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    The middle (and end) of that story is yet to be told. I'm not sure just how guilty he is, it's more than possible the guides he hired weren't the best or most honest. Then again ---
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  3. Yard Dart

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    The liberals will use this as far as they can in their fight against firearms....and hunting. This guy made a mistake and they will use it against the rest of us to attempt to curb our rights.....

    Would I want to hunt a F'r will eat you if you miss. Was it his right to go on the hunt, yep....was it legal over there and did they follow all rules/laws dunno....did he waste meat that a local village could have used, yep. Lots of questions for sure. In my book, what does it mean to me and how can They use it against my right to bear arms....more important of a question.

    This guy will get what he deserves .... One way or another.
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  4. Legion489

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    Let's see, he "tempted the lion away from the park by (as is SOP) dragging an animal carcass behind a truck" to leave a trail for the lion/leopard/hyena to follow which is done every day when lion/leopard hunting. So far nothing new OR illegal. Uses crossbow and screws it up. OK, that happens too. Show me ANYONE who hunts who has never wounded an animal. Followed it up for 40 hours (shows willingness to keep hunting and finish the poor animal off). Took skin and head and left rest of lion. And.... ? And WHAT? WHAT was he supposed to do with the rest of the lion? Haul it to the dump instead of allowing the other animals to eat it like they do every OTHER time a lion dies? Have YOU eaten a lion? Know anyone who HAS? PLUS the trophy fees are HUGE, THAT supports buying more land, hiring more park keepers, more officers, keeping poaching down, etc. With out trophy hunting there would be NO animals in Africa or anywhere else for that matter. WHO pays for it all? SPORTSMEN! By sportsmen I mean HUNTERS AND FISHERMEN who buy licenses. pay taxes on guns/ammo/gear/etc. No one else will or does.
  5. stg58

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    This is not about hunting lions who are not endangered it is about being a responsible hunter.

    A Texan paid $350,000 to shoot a Rhino and hauled the meat back to a village who were dancing about fresh Rhino meat I dare say fresh Lion meat would have the same reception in Zimbabwe.
    What the trophy hunters do is pump millions into the coffers of Robert Mugabe and it appears there is Lion on his menu.
    Zimbabwe's president, Robert Mugabe, will celebrate his 91st birthday this week,. On the menu: two buffaloes, two elephants, one lion, two sables, and five impalas. The meal, which will be served to a party of 20,000 people, is worth approximately $120,000. The meat was donated to Mugabe by landowner Tendai Muasa.
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  6. kellory

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    I've eaten lion jerky. I'll pass on more, unless I'm really that hungry. (Didn't care for it much).
    I'm a meat hunter, and I've never had a mount done. (They are quite expensive. A deer head can cost $300.00 or more and take a year to get back).
    Personally, I will not hunt what I will not eat, but it is legal, does support the economies of many countries, and hunters are the greatest conservationists that exist. Entire species that would no longer exist, have been brought back from the brink by trophy hunters, breeders, and fenced hunts. (Not my cup of tea, but does have merit).
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  7. BTPost

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    "Beloved Lion" my A$$.... If these PC Folks "Beloved' this Lion so much. let them "Put their MONEY Where the Mouths & Fingers, ARE." Like the Hunter did.... He paid the FEEs. He Hired local Registered Guides. He had a Tough Hunt, but so what..... He got his Lion, and took the Trophy, for which he had PAID.... Let all these "Whiny, Complaining, Petition Signers, Put UP, or Shut the ***K UP... They got No Dog, in this Hunt... Just a bunch of Whinny JerkOffs, complaining AFTER the Fact.... Treat them the same as ANY Liberal, PC, JackWagon..... ohno[BSf][violin][tng2][deadhorse][finger] In that Order....
  8. VisuTrac

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    I'm sure that the villagers aren't complaining about one less lion eating their cows or children. Again, that's just my opinion
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  9. NotSoSneaky

    NotSoSneaky former supporter

    Trophy hunters are still hunters and have a right to do as they wish.
    I've had tree huggers berate me for hunting coyotes.

    Last time I went out for grouse I took a snapshot in heavy cover and winged the damm bird. It went down and ran off to hide (and die most likely). Looked for it until it got dark, felt real bad about;1. Being startled by the bird and 2.Taking the shot and only wounding the bird.

    Same goes for trappers. I bought a roll of wire the other day to make some snares with and the teenage minimum wage sales clerk blew a gasket when I told her what it was for. Guess iffin' the yotes ate her lil' yip dog she'd have a different opinion.
  10. Motomom34

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    I find it all amazing how people are so worked up over a lion. We have some serious problems in this country and they could care less but let a lion get killed and everyone is crying about it. I do appreciate the fact that he continued to track and ended the suffering. As for the meat, I do believe it should have been given to the villagers because I thought that is what they do on these hunts. I think the guide is very much to blame. As for the Americans that at threatening this dentist, they need to be rounded up and charged.

    It does make me wonder why people seem to care more for a lion/animal then their fellow humans.
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  11. kellory

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    Simple, people are commonplace, a lion is unusual.
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  12. Yard Dart

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    One and only one word..... Distraction.....!!!!

    Look at the shiny ball in this hand.... don't pay attention to what is going on with the other hand.... magic baby!!!
  13. Ganado

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    While I agree with most of your statement..this last bit bothers me. Mostly land owners cover wildlife management costs. Hunting and fishing license are barely an entry fee for the costs associated with wildlife mangement. What these guys pay the guide doesn't go to wildlife management

    I have been a land owner for many years most 'sportsmen' are a PITA. They cut fences, leave gates open, leave trash and shoot cattle from bad aim.

    We have a few that we let hunt year after year because they always check in at the house and close the dn gates. They also let us and the sheriff know when they pass the riff raff screwing around on our private property when they shouldn't be.

    Not a fan of trophy hunting or trophy hunters. That is all ego and has nothing to do with skill. It has to do with how big your pocket book is. Aka... my (fill in the blank) us bigger than yours mentality.

    Please don't miss understand me. Not all hunters are like this. I just don't happen to like thus kind who pay their fees and assume it gives them the right to do any damn thing they want.

    I'm probably gonna get flagged for this post and I feel like it needs to be said so I'm taking a risk
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  14. kellory

    kellory An unemployed Jester, is nobody's fool. Banned

    Ma'am, it is that tiny percentage of perhaps 1 in 10,000. Who act in the manner you describe.
    They are te bane of real hunters, because they are what you will remember.
    The VAST MAJORITY of all hunters, respect your property as if it were their own, will follow your rules, pick up trash others have left behind, and even work for the privilege to hunt your land.
    I have moved hay bales, repaired fences, painted, and cut wood at different times, to gain access to hunt a property. I have carried a trashbag into the woods empty, that was full coming out.
    With more and more properties being closed to small hunting groups, due to MONEY, where a corporation will step in with a large cash offer for exclusive hunting rights for their employees, their clients, their company lottery winners, or their corporate bennies, locking out ALL other hunters even if they NEVER SHOW UP. They have insurance, and cash up front that no honest hunter could match.
    It's these folks, who are destroying the hunting herritage for the small hunting groups of traditional hunters, those who pass on their herritage to their children, their families. Those who hunt to fill the freezer, and feed their families.
    Many farmers have closed their farms to hunting at all, because of that tiny fraction. I have seen (in use) blankets fitted to cover stock, with orange letters 3' high "HORSE, COW, SHEEP, PIG, DOG" .:( WHY? Because, it the mistakes you remember. It is the only thing the media ever talks about. It the small percentage of mistakes that poison the well for the rest of us. The vast majority are like ghosts who never make the news.

    You like facts, so here are a few fun facts for you to ponder.
    When I hunt my own land, I require no permits, so I'm not an"registered hunter" only when I hunt state lands or private lands of others do I need to have a permit. On my land I write my own tags for claiming game. (Which IS State Property, by law. So bag limits and seasons apply, even on my land)
    Now, going strictly by "registered hunter" numbers, which in most cases, I am not, there are MORE registered hunters in just THREE average Eastern States, than ALL TROOPS in out entire military. And every farmer or private landowner on his own land, is NOT part of those numbers. WE ARE THE SILENT MAJORITY. WE ARE. THE RIFLE BEHIND EVERY BLADE OF GRASS. WE ARE the ones who do not make the news, do not shoot anything we are not sure of, do not despoil your lands and our herritage. WE are the America of Yesteryear, the conservative base, the backbone of the country.We, pump millions upon millions of dollars every year into ammo sales, weapons of all sorts, fuel, tourism. Food, hotel bills, clothing (very big business) stands of all sorts, shampoos, and soaps. Scents, calls, bags and packs, trailers and trucks, cages, dogs, (and all their gear) fees and taxes, and permits. (Just the tip of the iceberg).
    WE ARE THE VAST MAJORITY. But not what you hear about. One idiot, shoots across a road, or hits someone's house, or their dog (that was illegally running loose and screwwed up an expensive hunt/ running deer through the woods) and THAT is what makes the news, not the millions of hunters who followed the rules, came and went like smoke, left nothing but footprints, and respected your property as the gift it was. In many cases, a gift of venison to the landowner at the end of a season is a nice way to say "thank you", and is a nice way to ask for written permission to hunt the next year (as is required here). Each permission slip must be carried by the hunter (to be presented if asked), they are for one season only, each, and must be signed by the land owner, it CANNOT be a blanket statement of " so and so can always hunt here" or "the bearer is allowed to hunt", it must be personal, specific, and up to date, signed.
    So have the game wardens and sheriffs arrest and jail those trespassers, theives, and polluters. They destroy more than just your land. They destroy trust, they destroy my sport, and they destroy the herritage we all pass on to the next generation. Yet, they are what you will remember. 1385212857349. 1385306605057. 1387125914796. IMG_20140703_122938794. IMG_20141204_183830536. IMG_20140703_122942566. IMG_20141012_142938274. IMG_20150308_141522961. IMG_20150704_132555989.
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  15. NotSoSneaky

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  16. oldawg

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    Well put Kell, thanks.
  17. Ganado

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    Sigh my intention was not to offend you @kellory I respect food hunters. People who know what they are doing and are reapectdul. And my experience has been that over half of professed 'hunters' are irresponsible. Can't tell you how many we have had to bail out in the name of human decency because they got themselves on trouble on our family land and we couldn't just leave them stranded. So forgive me if I think there are actually very many 'good' hunters left. Present company excepted

    As to animal husbandry. The deer and the elk eat right beside our cows in the winter. The state doesn't pay for this feed we do. In harsh or lean winters it isn't cheap
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  18. kellory

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    If you are feeding game animals, in some states. You are breaking the law. Deer do not eat grass (al all) they eat the clover and the forbs mixed in with the grass. They will starve in a public park, to the point where they will kill the trees to eat the bark. There are foods they can and will eat, like corn, wheat, peas, and fruits. But their dietary needs are not the same as your cows. They may snack at your snackbar, but they eat at mother nature's table.
    As for offending me, you have not. You simply spouted the same kind of nonsense, I have been battling my whole life. I don't get angry about it, but I will tell you where you are wrong, when you are wrong, and how you are wrong. Because it is a stereotype that is poisonous to my entire culture. There are many excellent discussions on these issues at, if you can put up with digging through all the spam that has drowned that site.:( it is/was the finest hunting site I have ever seen, and I mourn it's present condition. (,it lacks @melbo's touch, and staff)
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  19. Gator 45/70

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    This time of the year I trophy hunt crabs and catfish.
    One I mount in boiling seasoned water.
    The second one I mount in hot grease.
  20. kckndrgn

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    Like @kellory I hunt on my own land, so I do not have to pay for a license to hunt. That being said, in the state of TN, the TWRA (TN Wildlife Resource Agency), which are the game wardens (with full police powers), wildlife management specialists, etc. are ONLY funded by the sales of hunting/fishing licenses. So I buy my fishing/small game license at a minimum even though I don't have to.

    @Ganado let me first say that you have not offended me in any way, it's your opinion and it's based on your past experiences. Let me now say that anyone that calls themselves a "sportsman" and does some of the things you said, are truly NOT a sportsman and chances are they are the ones that don't buy a license. It's people like that that drove me to getting my own piece of land. I've worked hard to bring the deer back to the area, no I'm not a "trophy" hunter, just someone who want's to put meat on the table.
    If the wild animals are a problem, check with the state game agency, there may be a special license (permission) you can get to kill the wild animals. Many states have "hunters for the hungry" where if you are a trophy hunter you can have the carcase donated so that the meat will go to feeding the hungry.

    Yes, hunting is about responsibility, and more than just personal responsibility. It is about respecting the land, the wildlife and other hunters. As with any group, there are bad elements, and it seems that you've had more than your fair share.
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