Il Drumpfe may yet rue his mexican wall comments about latinos

Discussion in 'Politics' started by chelloveck, Nov 8, 2016.

  1. chelloveck

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    42 million voters cast ballots early

    The Latino surge of 2016: Early voting points toward the real “hidden voters” of this election?
  2. rockriver

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    all the folks that want the inflow of illegals to stop better be out there politicking, campaigning, sending money and voting!!
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  3. Motomom34

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    I know a Mexican lady who is fed up with being poor and she is pulling the lever for Donald. There is a young Salvadorian girl whose eyes opened to Hillary Clinton and she is voting for Donald. The Mexican lady has watched her life go from Upper lower class to dirt poor under Obama's hope and change plan. She woke up and knows she will not get the relief she needs from Hillary.
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  4. chimo

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    Hispanic turnout can just as easily go for Trump as for Clinton.
  5. Altoidfishfins

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    This country will rue the day that it votes in Hilary as president.
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  6. Motomom34

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    We have people roaring for Trump and you have groups threatening to riot if Trump wins. Damned if we do, damned if we don't. The division is passionate. Divided we fall.
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  7. chelloveck

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    Some undoubtedly will vote for Trump, it remains to be seen who the extra motivated Latino early voters will vote for. Are they voting to get Hillary over the line...or voting to punish Trump, or are they actually voting for Trump. Post poll analysis should be interesting. I wonder if the Latino vote would have been different were Cruz or Rubio the presidential candidates.

    Latinos are not a monolithic block of voters: different segments within that quite significant population will find different aspects of both candidates appealing, or appalling.

    There's nothing wrong with promoting border protection policies, but Trump, provocatively using divisive rhetoric, may have found approval with some of his paler supporters, it was not well received by many US citizens of Mexican heritage. If Latinos use Trump as an electoral Piñata, he only has himself to blame.

    Image via: After crushing Trump pinatas, Mexicans hope he loses
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  8. Brokor

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    LOL! [LMAO]

    Let them riot.
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  9. 3M-TA3

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    You might be surprised at how conservative many hispanic US Citizens are. Due to a relationship I lived pretty much inside the hispanic culture in Idaho and Florida. Very hard working, family oriented and religious. Due to their hard work they are moving up the economic and education ladder. I'm not talking illegals, here, but people that have lived here generations and those who immigrated following the rules.

    People coming for a handout or made ignorant will vote to keep the free stuff at others expense. People here for freedom will vote for keeping what they have earned with their sweat.
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  10. chelloveck

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    Time will tell, whether your thesis is confirmed or not, and whether there are enough conservative Hispanics to outweigh those who are opposed to Trump's rhetoric.
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  11. 3M-TA3

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    Don't get me wrong, most hispanics are still supporting whatever Democrat is running for office. In this election they will continue to do so mostly regarding misinformation about securing our borders. You can expect this to change as they become more affluent and have something to lose as opposed to gain via redistribution politics. They WILL eventually leave the plantation, we just don't know when. Of course, if we keep the population poor by preventing the return of manufacturing jobs to the US we can keep them dependent on handouts thus insuring votes and power.
  12. Seepalaces

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    We're a latino family that voted for Trump. How is zee border looking now for you Chel? I understand why you'd be terrified of Trump getting elected. I understand you get Miley Cyrus and Roseanne Barr, twin geniuses, if Trump is elected. Perhaps you'll start worry about your border a bit more?
  13. chimo

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    Well, my best advice to you is to break down any "Hispanic" numbers by further country of origin, political party, citizenship status, etc. Don't make the same mistake that the racists in government and the media make and try to lump them all together into one big race-based category. The easiest way to out one's self as a true racist is to assume that people of a particular color, race, ect. all think and act alike. We are all humans, all matter what our race or color is.
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  14. Ura-Ki

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    ALL Latinos I know in my AO are very hard working, Stand Up Citizens who take the elections seriously! They have every bit as much to loose as the rest of us! If I were a betting man, I would say the entire U.S. Military voted Thump, All legal "Citizens" voted Thump, and most conservatives voted Thump! To vote the other way would be far more dire for those Citizens!
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  15. chimo

    chimo the few, the proud, the jarhead monkey crowd

    What rhetoric would that be?

    I'd love to take you back to my old stomping grounds in on the Arizona border or back in New Mexico to talk to many of my old friends and neighbors - I guarantee you will get an eye-opening when it comes to their views on illegal immigration and Trump's "rhetoric". ;)
  16. BTPost

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    Each summer the Cannery operates with MANY Mexican-Americans,. Some are GreenCarders, and some are Citizens, who's parents were GreenCarders.... I took a poll of those I know well, and UNANIMOUSLY, they ALL support a Closed Boarder, and Legal Immigration.... They are Hard Workers, and have Good SkillSets, which is why they hold many of the Management Jobs, here... They teach their children, that Hard Work is how you succeed in life. Just as soon as the Kids turn 16 years Old, they are working in the Age appropriate JOBs, here to earn their OWN Money.The Cannery Foreman (Senior Machinist) lives in the next Cabin to mine, and he is a First Generation Citizen. His daughters, watched the younger children, so the Parents can work, before they turned 16. Now that they are over 16, but not yet 18, they are working with their Mothers that are the Bullcooks, (BunkHouse Cleaners) and when they are 18, they work in the Cannery, in First Year Jobs, just like everyone else.... One 14 year old Boy helps the Cannery Nurse pack Luggage, when the Cannery Crew arrives. I hire him to help me Log, my winter /firewood. AlaskaChick hires the Kids to Pick Fireweed Petals, each summer for Fireweed Jelly, @ $5US per 5 USG Pail. The kids go around picking up Aluminum Cans that get tossed around, and the Store Lady pays them $.02 each. Those folks know what "Work Ethic" is and they teach it to their children, AT HOME....
  17. 3M-TA3

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    Sorry @chelloveck if we right wingers aren't being racist enough to live up to the expectations given you by the left. I do sleep on a white sheet (though I haven't worn one since a drunken toga party 35 years ago) if that helps...
  18. chimo

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    Hey Chelly que paso!
    Looks like I ain't your only vato!

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  19. Brokor

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    When I typically read one of Chello's replies, I think of it more like being in the mode of devil's advocate and try as hard as I can to provide my most sincere, well thought response. In a way, he's assisting in bringing out the best in me. Therefore, I have given it much consideration and thorough regard, and prepared such a response in lieu of this pressing topic.

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  20. Ganado

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    ok @chelloveck I really want to know ..... what are your top beefs with Trump?

    He isn't as prejudice as the media makes out. They have misquoted him over and over for what he said about illegal immigrants..... its been made to seem like 'all immigrants' thank you democratic party and Clinton machine! .... the wall.... he will never get the wall built, it isn't physically possible on much of the USA- Mexico border. It would sink into the Rio Grande river bed with all that quick sand (ok prolly not quicksand but you can fall in those wet sand holes on the Rio Grande and die)

    His remarks about women, while they are crude are no different than most men. He was just dumb enough to say them on a public show.

    Trump is crass, out spoken, and a braggart but he can back it all up as far as I can tell. Could he be more smooth? Absolutely. Mostly I don't think he has enough political pull to make any changes once he's elected.... and yes I do think he will win. But for me he beats the hell out of that lying, double dealing wench HRC.

    I won't argue against your view point but I do sincerely want to know what your beef is with Trump. Cuz you post alot of anti Trump stuff.
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