Introducing your New Treasury Secretary: Kissinger, CFR, IMF

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    Introducing your New Treasury Secretary: Kissinger, CFR, IMF….

    January 28, 2009


    The obvious and forgone conclusion that Timothy Geitner would be confirmed as Secretary of the Treasury goes without saying. Due to my time constraints I did not have time to do much research on him until tonight.

    Amazingly and shockingly (not) Mr. Geitner, a Senior Fellow on International Economics at the Council on Foreign Relations, worked for Henry Kissinger and Bill Richardson at Kissinger and Associates from 1986-1988.

    I am not about to go down conspiracy row, but if we are putting a man in charge of our entire banking system, IRS, ATF, and Secret Service perhaps he should have at least worked as a guard, teller, overnight janitor; maybe even a loan officer to see how this works on the street level. His service at the IMF and under Rubin and Summers in the Clinton Administration tell you a lot about his origins but how he got into the Federal Reserve Bank of New York with little banking experience has me wondering just how much influence his former puppet masters might have over him now. When you see names like Kissinger, Eagleburger, Richardson, Rubin and Summers you have to start asking questions.

    He is also a member of the Group of Thirty which has a very interesting membership list which all seem to advocate globalism over economic nationalism and all have the same affiliations with the Clintons, CFR and of course, Henry Kissinger. He is also a member of the Center for Global Development which has this fascinating statement about their mission goals (I have put the alarming portion in bold):

    The Center for Global Development is an independent, nonprofit policy research organization that is dedicated to reducing global poverty and inequality and to making globalization work for the poor. Through a combination of research and strategic outreach, the Center actively engages policymakers and the public to influence the policies of the United States, other rich countries, and such institutions as the World Bank, the IMF, and the World Trade Organization to improve the economic and social development prospects in poor countries. CGD was recently ranked among the world’s top think tanks (number 15 out of several thousand such research organizations) in an independent survey-based ranking published in Foreign Policy magazine.

    I feel so much more reassured that his CFR, Kissinger and Volcker ties along with the Clintonistas and the Goldman/Citigroup members means that our Treasury Secretary isn’t secretly in favor of globalism and redistribution of wealth to achieve a reduction in global poverty.

    Lastly he is a member of the Board of Directors for the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) which has done a stunningly fantastic job insuring the derivatives disease was spread worldwide and no oversight allowed to interfere with the endless leveraging and fraud which appears to have taken place.

    With all of this information, one must ask the question:

    What are the real goals of our Federal Reserve and this administration at the end of this global economic crisis?
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    Re: Introducing your New Treasury Secretary: Kissinger, CFR,


    Nothing ever really changes...
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