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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Minuteman, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. Minuteman

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    Check out fox news reports on the Iowa straw poll results! The results haven't been announced yet but the Ron Paul signs are everywhere!
    You can hear the Ron Paul chants ringing in the room.
  2. melbo

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    Re: Happening now 11-Aug. 19:30 hrs. CST

    Maybe the MSM will stop talking about Guilliani and McCain now.
    5th place isn't bad considering RP only spent one week there.

    1. Mitt Romney 4516
    2. Mike Huckabee 2587
    3. Sam Brownback 2092
    4. Tom Tancredo 1961
    5. Ron Paul 1305 = 9.2%
    6. Tommy Thompson 1039
    7. Fred Thompson 203
    8. Rudy Giuliani 183
    9. Duncan Hunter 174
    10.John McCain 101 (LOL that's too bad)
    11. John Cox 41

    Total Votes: 14,202
  3. Blackjack

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    Re: Happening now 11-Aug. 19:30 hrs. CST

    I watched several of them speak today. I enjoyed Ron Paul who did have the most rabid fans, Romney irritated me, Tancredo scared me, the rest just bored me. And John Cox was just sad..... hardly anybody there to support him.
  4. Minuteman

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    Re: Happening now 11-Aug. 19:30 hrs. CST

    That's a great showing. He beat Guiliani,McCain and Fred Thompson!
    The next straw poll is Texas on September 1st. That should be a really good one to see. Come on Texans, get out there and VOTE!!!

    Iowa Straw Poll Results
    Mitt Romney: 4,516 / 31.5%
    Mike Huckabee: 2,587 / 18.1%
    Sam Brownback: 2,192 / 15.3%
    Tom Tancredo: 1,961 / 13.7%
    Ron Paul: 1,305 / 9.1%
    Tommy Thompson: 1,039 / 7.3%
    Fred Thompson: 203 / 1.4%
    Rudy Giuliani: 183 / 1.3%
    Duncan Hunter: 174 / 1.2%
    John McCain: 101 / 1.0%
    John Cox: 41 / .1%
    14,302 Total Votes
  5. Minuteman

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    Fair and balanced my ass!!!

    This is the poll results being shown on Fox news today. Hmm, something missing there. The bastards completely left off Ron Paul!!
    And they crow about media bias!! A bunch of controlled party line puppets.

    Iowa Straw Poll Results (according to the "Fair and Balanced" news agency. BS!!!):mad::mad::mad::mad:

    Mitt Romney: 31.5%
    Mike Huckabee: 18.1%
    Sam Brownback: 15.3%
    Tom Tancredo: 13.7%
    Tommy Thompson: 7.3%
    Fred Thompson: 1.4%
    Rudy Giuliani: 1.3%
    John McCain: 1.0%
  6. Seacowboys

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    Re: Happening now 11-Aug. 19:30 hrs. CST

    That is typical and will carry all the way through the elections.
  7. Minuteman

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    More bias towards RP

    Clarence Page: Why Don’t the Media Notice Ron Paul?

    Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page writes that Rep. Ron Paul may be getting only 2 percent in nationwide polls, but if the election were held online, Paul would probably win "hands down."

    "So why, I am often asked, doesn't Paul get more coverage?" Page writes. He says it’s a catch-22: The mainstream media don’t think he has a chance to win, so they don’t cover him, and the less coverage you get, the less of a chance you have to win.

    According to Page, Paul’s supporters flooded ABC News’ online polls after last week’s debate, yet he all but vanished in the post-debate coverage.
    Page marvels, "You might think the mainstream media would pay more respect to a guy who ended up the recent fundraising quarter with more cash on hand than Sen. John McCain."

    Andrew Kohut, president of the non-partisan Pew Research Center told Page that Paul’s message on getting out of Iraq is what’s resonating. "There's a defensiveness about Iraq among Republicans," he said. "Many [Republicans] say they want a different approach. I think that under the surface there is a market for someone who will say something different from what Bush is saying."
  8. Minuteman

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    And this from the Sat. edition of the Des Moines Register.

    Traffic was rolling smoothly at 8:45 a.m. on the roads in to Ames and Hilton Coliseum. There were no traffic jams.

    At 9 a.m., the candidate with the loudest presence was Ron Paul, a U.S. representative from Texas.

    Supporters stood on street corners, enthusiastically waving and holding up signs. At least 10 cars in the parking lot were decorated with giant "Ron Paul" signs. A guy in a minivan broadcasting Paul’s name drove around the Hilton lots honking his horn.

    Yard signs, mostly for Paul, lined the highway interchange on Interstate Highway 35 at Ames, but a law enforcement officer in a squad car was yanking out the signs just before 9 a.m.

  9. melbo

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  10. MicroBalrog

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    Why is there no thread about the Alabama, North Carolina and New Hampshire straw polls on this forum? RP won all 3.
  11. ChemicalGal

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    Melbo, that has to be photoshopped. Ron Paul being the statesman that he is would never stoop to that level.

    I think I have a decent sense of humor, but for some reason that photo does not tickle it.

    I personally would stoop to that level....but I think it denigrates Ron Paul
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