It's almost like the media is protecting HELLary

Discussion in 'Politics' started by stg58, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. stg58

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    The major media outlets have been in the pockets of the libs for sometime now but this year it has become so obvious.

    A bit of video showing them covering HELLarys ample arse.

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  2. 3M-TA3

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    They no longer even attempt to act unbiased. IMO they think liberal/Progressive control of the US is now permanent so they have no reason to pretend to be balanced anymore. They could be right, but I think the non-metro areas are invisible to them.
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  3. Olympic mountain man

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  4. stg58

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    The email server, the millions in cash and checks along Billy's eye for the women are major problems for Clinton inc. so they are busy covering for them both and they are throwing out all stops.
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  5. duane

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    Hitlery is outspending Trump by anywhere from 12 to 1 to 40 to 1 and money talks. Here in or local area of NH two of our local newspapers and NPR both openly publish editorials that support Hitlery and distort things in favor of her and against Trump. The national media is even worse. No mention of leaked emails that get Iranians killed but take Trump's stand that if you want to keep your second amendment rights you had better vote as inciting violence. Our government has been bought and paid for, both parties, and they sure as he** don't want anyone new to come in and start rebidding the price of the plunder.
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  7. Cruisin Sloth

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  8. Tully Mars

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    That beotch really needs to assume room temperature...
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  9. techsar

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    Just another reason to abhor labor unions
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  10. Yard Dart

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    Well if you believe the news.... she has a host of medical issues.... disinformation most likely by the opposition.... but one could only hope she drops dead in the next 50+days!!!
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  11. OldDude49

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    I am starting to think this election may not matter... but I have noticed the boldness of the politicians and media...

    they're right out front with their bias and such... are they aware of something we are not?
  12. Seacowboys

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    Almost like? My ass!
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  13. Oltymer

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    Clinton is the choice for a group of very wealthy and influential people who own the media and most of our government. They desire a specific outcome which has been outlined many times in print and other media, and literally put into stone at the Georgia Guidestones. These people are working to have a one world government where the elite are pampered and cared for by the underclasses who are tasked with all the menial work needed to support the elites lavish lifestyles and whims.

    Clinton is their choice because she will do whatever they tell her to do, as they own her also, and their media is in full propaganda mode to support their choice for POTUS.

    Will you succumb to the siren call of their propaganda? It dominates TV, radio, print, and internet media, and we are battered by it daily in an attempt to have us comply with their will as it seeps deeply into our subconscious minds.

    If not, then you will probably be marked for elimination in their final power play for total world dominance. They view those who possess skills to be self sufficient as a threat to their utopian dreams of a fully controlled and dumbed down underclass who will unquestionably obey their dictates, and be unable to resist even if they overcome the barrage of mind control measures put in place to enslave them.

    We who have not fallen into a controlled mental daze have a responsibility to our fellow human beings to resist this insidious enemy of mankind and counter their propaganda and their choice for POTUS. 100_0110.JPG
  14. 3M-TA3

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  15. Ganado

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    Consider its corporate control by a few elite people who own nearly everything

    5 Corporations that Own Almost Everything
    Even among those pro-business, most acknowledge that corporations rule just about everything around us. Big companies supply our cars, gas, food and even our politicians. We’re not talking about hundreds of thousands of mom and pop shops. We’re not even talking about thousands of medium sized business or even hundreds of large business. Recent studies show that somewhere on the order of 147 companies have a hand in just about everything on Earth. And among these select few, there are a small handful of companies that have roughly enough money and influence to apply for membership to the UN, which would be kind of superfluous since they can buy their way to the top of just about any country they want.
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  16. svjoe

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  17. AD1

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    Wha ever gave you that idea????
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  19. DarkLight

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    I'm sorry, I'm not union so take this for what it's worth, but yeah...he's a businessman. He hires union when he has to and doesn't when he doesn't. What's the big deal. Some states/cities/counties are union only and he and others are forced to use union labor. Other areas aren't and they (gasp) have to compete for the business.

    Doing a good job isn't always enough. If you do a good job and can be less expensive then more power to you.

    When I worked for a telecom company, we had to get some work done in New York. The job wasn't yet signed off on as complete but we were live and there were issues with what had been done. One of our guys went into the wiring closet (network) with a punch-down tool and fixed the problem in about 30 seconds. It was reported and the company was threatened with a lawsuit for 30 seconds worth of work that THEY HAD EFFED UP BEFOREHAND and would have taken no less than 3 days to get someone on-site to fix. The engineer was told he was taking food out of a kids mouth (the guy wasn't married and had no kids) and that doing the job was seen in the same light as RAPING HIS WIFE as a not-so-subtle threat to the engineer's wife (same tactic that the mob uses).

    Long and short of it, we had to PAY the union thugs to come in and "fix" the issue, once again, that the screwed up, by pulling the wire completely and running a new one. The job took over 2 hours @ $85/hr.

    No, there's nothing wrong with NOT using union if you don't have to. Their time, in my opinion, is done.
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  20. BTPost

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    I would NEVER join the IBEW.... When I was given the choice, for a Job, that demanded a Union Shop, and since I was the ONLY Employee, in that category, I chose the CWA (Comm Workers of America).... and since, when I was a Kid, I had joined the Glass Bottle and Blowers Union when I worked in a Glass Bottle Factory, and when I left I got a Withdraw Stamp in my Book, the CWA waived the Initiation Fee... I was my own Shop Steward, and never set foot in the Union Hall until I left that Job, and I got a WithDraw Stamp, in my Book, just in case I was required to join another Union in the future.... that was 35 years ago... non-Union ever since..
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