Just got the okay to buy a new rifle...

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by RaymondPeter, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. RaymondPeter

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    ...and I'm getting a CZ 452!!! [​IMG]

    Now for the hard part...picking one! lol

    I've narrowed my choices down to a Trainer, or if I can find a good one around this town, an Ultra Lux. If I go with a Trainer I have a few to choose from around here, but I would try ordering a new one since all the ones of the shelves here seem to have an annoying wear mark where they sit in the racks. Too many people pick them up and look a them each day I guess...

    I want/need open sites so that is the reason for the 2 choices. I know the differences in each model. I used the search button a lot today on a rimfire forum! lol

    The rifle will be used mainly for target shooting and plinking. Once I get better I might join a club or enter some 50yd competitions, but for now it is just for fun. The nicer wood on the Lux vs the Trainer is nice, but since they shoot the same and I won't be selling the rifle, is it worth the extra cost? To me probably not; I can always refinish or restock the rifle later if I so choose. Now the longer barrel (28") on the Ultra Lux will help with sighting, and therefore should be easier to shoot well with open sights.

    So, the next chance I get I'm going to a few different places and seeing if they can order me a new Ultra Lux; plus how much it will cost out the door. If they can't then a new Trainer, and again how much it will cost me out the door. Finally if either are too high for me, I will go with the "cosmetically flawed" rack rifles and see if I can talk them down in price or if I can possibly get something thrown in for free.
  2. NVBeav

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    That looks like a great .22 rifle. I've always admired the quality of CZ weapons because they seem to have smooth actions and a "substantial" feel. Do you know if the 452 Lux (or trainer) has scope mounts pre-drilled?

    BTW - really like your link to .22 lethality
  3. gunbunny

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    Thanks for the link; it was a good read. It seems that the .22lr is a good, all-around performer for the least amount of money.

    The CZ line of rifles seem to be well made, citing from all of the ones I've had in my hands on the way to customers in my friend's shop. Unfortunetly, I've never had a chance to actually shoot one. Very well cannot sell a new gun with a few rounds fired out of it!

    All of them had really nice wood, and the metal was nicely fitted and finished.
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