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Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by overbore, Jun 27, 2009.

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    I have one basic question when it comes to all this spending with uncertain results: How long can it go on? If governments have truly succeeded in propping up the financial sector once again, then doesn't it follow that the financial bubble, already the largest bubble in the universe to my way of thinking, will continue to expand? Can it then expand forever?
    Aren't there laws of physics that militate against such an eternal evolution? In the short run, Western money center banks would seem to be the best investment on earth. In the long run, or until something "major " happens I am not so sure. At some point, every bubble deflates or goes bang!

    Those who believe, therefore, that even central bankers cannot hold up the sky forever, :rolleyes::rolleyes:will contemplate investments other than banking institutions.
    I would, of course, suggest investing in what banks used to hold in abundance: gold and silver; certified values, not political promises.
    If this Cap and Tax madness gets through the Senate, small private companies, the job creators, will be squeezed very hard just to survive so tell me, please, when and where have higher taxes and costs generated jobs and economic growths? Hmmmmmmm? Or is the grand scheme to collapse the free economy so that a Marxist version of Das Capital my be installed ?????[loco] The words of his may be slick but his socialist prescription will make us sick.

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    Very astute of you to notice, and ask what should be obvious to anyone with one-tenth of their brains cells still firing off electrons. The whole thing scares the hell out of me. I am retired military. My age, and declining physical capabilities make full time employment a task I truly am not up for. However, since I am basically on a fixed income, I wonder as well about the future. I expect inflation will drastically affect my future well being. Hyperinflation would possibly and probably wipe me out completely, causing me to lose everything I have worked all my life for. I may end up an Obama welfare recipient with my hand out. Not the kind of future I expected. and yes, I am also a partially disabled Veteran. JMHO of course
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    In a nutshell, "It Can't". Just like the credit bubble of the last thirty years along with the housing bubble that lasted just a few years, all bubbles will pop. Thing is, the larger the bubble, the louder the pop, hope you have a good set of hearing protectors. God knows we will all need them for when that moment happens.

    As a post script, when China, India, and Russia stop buying our "DEBT", then the bubble will "POP".
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