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    I spotted a decent price for the KA-BAR big brother I dropped the hammer.

    It is literally a bigger version of the USMC fighting knife it arrived very sharp I was able to chop through medium branches no problem and it kept its edge.

    My KA-BAR USMC fighting knife and the KA-BAR big brother are on my BOB list.


    KA-BAR Knives, Inc. - Knives > All Categories > Leather Handled Big Brother - Hardcore Lives. Hardcore Knives.

    Designed in cooperation with the highly-trained folks at S.E.I.G.E. (Strategic Edge Impact Global Enterprise) of Webster, NY, the newest additions to the always impressive leather handled KA-BAR line include the "Big Brother" - a 9-3/8 inch blade designed for a lifetime of hard work and constant use. Please note, due to state regulations KA-BAR cannot ship the Big Brother knives to CA or MA.
    Made in the USA.
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  2. probie

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    thats a cool looking knive. I had a cheap one from big five as a kid and it broke.... Are those cheap ones from big five the same knive?
  3. DarkLight

    DarkLight I self identify as a Blackhawk Attack Helicopter! Site Supporter A KA-BAR is going to run at least $100, in some cases even for used. If a kid could break a KA-BAR (any variety), they wouldn't be the chosen fighting knife of the US Marine Corps.
  4. probie

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    I'm not to sure , but the armed forces have not used k-bar for some time now. Mine broke after missing a tree trying to throw it. Looked way stronger then it turned out to be. But everybody likes there own thing.
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