Kansas Black Lives Matter holds picnic with police instead of protest

Discussion in 'Politics' started by AD1, Jul 20, 2016.

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    Could we(they) be seeing the light? I commend them for reaching out....

    A Black Lives Matter group in Wichita, Kan., originally planned a protest Sunday but instead had a cookout with police.

    Following recent officer-involved shootings and acts of violence, the Kansas Black Lives Matter Group wanted to voice concern. Tuesday after a long discussion with the Wichita Police Department, the group decided to cancel the Sunday protest and instead come together with officers for the First Steps Cookout, a gathering in a local park aimed at taking the first step towards building a relationship between officers and the community.

    Officers served hamburgers and hot dogs and played basketball with members of the community. Kids jumped in bounce-houses and blew bubbles. Officers and the community even danced together.

    But, the tone wasn’t about food and fun. It was an opportunity to have difficult conversations aimed at change.

    Jarvis Scott, a black man who sat at a table with a Hispanic man and a white man, next to Lt. Travis Rakestraw, told The Wichita Eagle it was the first time since 1992 he’d sat down with a police officer. The other two said it was their first time sitting with an officer.

    “It takes two parties to make a healthy relationship,” Chief Gordon Ramsay said.

    During the Q&A part of the cookout, Ramsay took questions from the community about racial profiling, transparency and building relationships.

    Community members weren’t shy to voice concerns. One of the first questions asked how a barbecue would help address concerns about racial profiling, and if the community was being bought off with food.

    Ramsay answered questions on the spot and also offered to meet with community members later.

    “I do want to challenge other police departments and communities to do the same things with first steps community cookout,” Ramsay said.

    Kansas Black Lives Matter holds picnic with police instead of protest
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    Best idea I have seen all summer.
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    Wait for it, Obama will have another press conference and we will see tears.
    How cops making black lives feed them total abuse of power. Ya sounds far fetched
    not if you have heard him preach before its right up his alley.
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    I absolutely love this story. best news all week. Hopefully this can be the start of some healing and understanding between the BLM & the police.
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    If they keep up all this "respect each other and peace" bull$hit, what am I going to do with all that ammo I stockpiled? Bastiges...
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    Save it for the next stupid ass movement ;)
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    This is impressive. ... in the face of all the media hype, these people took a different tac
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    Their may be hope yet. Now can we have a talk about black on black crime, education, self esteem, whole family units, American History, welfare slavery, white slavery, arab slavery, African slavery, slavery today, islam history, creole and Cajun cooking, fishing, gun ownership, voting, music, tolerance, the golden rule, media bias, puppet masters, and most anything else that comes to mind.
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    The radical left won't like this. Imagine what the New Black Panther party is saying. And the Al Sharpton / Jesse Jackson types could be put out of business with friendly, reasonable behavior. They need trouble in order to keep the shekels flowing, plain and simple.

    And it's a shame that it took the multiple murders of cops for it to come to this. The leaders of BLM should have known what they were inciting months ago, yet they persisted. The result wasn't difficult to predict.
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    Not impressed at all. ONE "positive" event will not outshine all the other bullshit that terrorist organization is involved in.
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    You are correct. This is the only place I heard this story. No one else wants to report on this. How many stories have come out this week of cops being refused service or the officer that found glass in his sandwich. The division and dislike could be too far gone to heal.
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    Sad to say oat people won't be impressed by this because most want a war. You let the media manipulate to a conserve victim view point just like the left let's themselves be manipulated into a liberal view point. [sheep][sheep][sheep][sheep]

    Sheep just follow the corporate media. it saddens me because this kind of blind following of corporate media on both sides will have us at war and distract us from what is really happening. follow the $$$$$$ look at who benefits from keeping America in debt and declaring martial law.

    Do yourself a favor and stop being a conservative lamb fir the sheering[sheep][sheep].
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    Not sure if this was directed at me? If so I can assure you I am most definitely not a [sheep]
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