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Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by stg58, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. stg58

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    We came across parts kits for the Katadyn filters and picked up kits for the Pocket filter $15.00 and Combi filter $10.40 and they arrived today.

    A bunch of odd parts that would be hard/impossible to find in a pinch and for $25.40 plus shipping adds up to cheap protection for our filters.


    Maintenance kit with spare parts for Katadyn Pocket filter.
    1 o-ring check valve
    2 ball
    1 capscrew, socket head
    4 gasket
    2 cylinder screw
    1 pin
    3 o-rings pump tappet
    1 measuring gauge
    1 hose clip
    1 silicone lubricant

    Maintenance kit with spare parts for Katadyn Combi/Combi Plus filter.

    Content: o-ring pump housing, 2 o-rings for ceramic filter element, o-ring for pump handle, 2 o-rings for carbon cartridge, silicone lubricant
    Water Filters - Katadyn | Water Filters, Micropur & Desalinators - Katadyn
  2. Altoidfishfins

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    Spare parts are always good, but not always available.
  3. duane

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    Fix power tools for a living and can not stress the necessity of having the "correct" o-ring. If it is to small, it leaks, if it is to large, it requires excess force to assemble and may destroy the seal in the process. In a water system a leak will negate the filtration process and you will not know it. Simple small parts kits are as important as the object itself. More familiar with the Ar platform, no extractor or extractor spring, no hammer spring, no gas sealing rings, no spring on the mag release, no pin holding the two halfs together, etc, and no go bang or it becomes a weird straight pull action. Please back up your preps with the correct spare parts kits, store them correctly, know how to use them and where they are, and if nothing else if SHTF you will have a very valuable and possibly rewarding bartering skill.
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  4. stg58

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    Exactly nice observation, the reason I have o-ring assortments.

    382 Piece O-Ring Assortment
    Search results for: 'o ring'
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  5. Motomom34

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    Nice O-ring kit. I never knew they sold them. Thanks for the link.
  6. duane

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    The O-ring assortments help, but they are only the standard sizes and composition. O-rings come in english, metric, different abilities to handle oil or gasoline or temps, may be made specially for a single application, may be different thickness, may have sealing groves, and different abilities to recover if extended. I would be reluctant to trust an off the shelf o-ring in an ar-15 or in an air compressor exhaust seal. I find a great sense of security in having a box with the correct spares, a parts breakdown, any special tools needed to install the spares, and any required gauges. YMMV The kit shown above has a gauge, silicone lubricant that should be food grade, a weird special spring, the right sized steel balls that are rust proof, etc. It will be very difficult to find those items if the SHTF. Same way with the gas rings in an ar-15. I know of no way that I could make them, but I can buy spares now for a few dollars.
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