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  1. stg58

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    Two weeks ago I received an email that I had not used my footwear allowance for this year? I did not even know that they still had me on the list for footwear but I talked to some of the guys about what they have been buying and Keen was what most of them recommended. So I went over to the industrial footwear store to check them out and had my feet sized for the first time in many years, still an 11 D :)

    The sales person pointed out a new Keen that is USA made in Oregon, tried them on and checked out with a free pair on socks.

    Keen is a brand I had never heard of but over the last two weeks they are comfortable even with the required safety toe. I have not had a pair of safety toe boots for a while so these will be a something that will be used around the home shop and for yard chores.

    Official Keen Site | Free Shipping & Returns

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    Let us know how they feel, heavy? Bulky? They look well made. I know Keen make sandals and hiking shoes but didn't know they make steel toed. I like the looks.
  3. kellory

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    I've never found a steel toe boot, I truly liked. Let us know how they feel, after a good break in. Mine always bind my smallest toes, uncomfortablely.
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    Same here, I friggin' hate steel toed boots. I have a pair of Justin ropers that aren't too bad, but only wore them when I felt like I was likely to be checked. I have the same boot in a non steel toed..;) Most of the time once I've gone through my safety brief they don't check PPE again.
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  5. kellory

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    I had to dig my foot out of a crushed steel toe, with a claw hammer and a screw driver, finished the job, then drove myself to emergency care for stitches. I will wear them when required, but no longer than necessary.
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    For 2 weeks around the office and at home I have been wearing them and they seem a bit heavier but inside I feel no restrictions as in past safety toe boots if anything the toe area may be less restrictive, bigger than normal boots.

    Steel toe boots have never been my first choice but like my thread on eye protection at least having the option of protection may help in a situation where medical care is not readably available and these aren’t like older boots I have worn and they are supposedly waterproof.

    The picture has been updated for a side angle.
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  7. Dawg23

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    some of my team members like the Keen brand. they have said they are very comfortable. I love the new composite toe boots, alot lighter, and not near as restrictive as the old steel toes. :)
  8. Mountainman

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    Your lucky you only needed stitches. Worked for a company that had a person cut his toes off when a very heavy item landed on his foot.
  9. kellory

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    Luck had little to do with it. Concrete debris rolled off a cart, while hauling it out of a building. The big toe was broken, 27 stitches, and i left bloody footprints throughout the building.

    The steel toe curled into my toes. Took me about 30 minutes to pry it back out of my foot. I just don't see the point of steel toes, it clearly was not enough protection.

    On a side note, I scared hell out of the three other guys on the crew who could not understand why I finished the job before seeking medical assistance. One guy lost his lunch just looking at my boot.
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  10. Yard Dart

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    Steel toes are good for moderate weather but if you get in the cold stuff they can be bad...... there is a validity to not wearing them in snow country... I have heard of guys getting frost bite....
  11. kellory

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    That is one good thing about composition toes, they are supposed to be lighter, and warmer, and still meet standards for safety shoes.
  12. BTPost

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    Steel Toed Boots are to prevent Crushed Feet, in the workplace, and nothing more... If you are not likely to drop Stuff, on your Feet, then Steel Toed Boots are a waste of Steel.... If you need "Warm Boots" buy them, and don't worry about Steel Toes... You NEVER see SpecOps Folks walking around in Steel Toed Boots, simply because if they were that clumsy, they would be DEAD, long ago. Buy the Boots for the Job at hand....
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  13. stg58

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    I never think it is "likely" but that damn split Oak usually has other ideas...
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    I have a pair of Keen sandals and never tried their shoes. The sandals are comfortable, but I find the bottom slippery. My plan was to use them hiking and I did a couple of times. The traction was not to my liking.
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