Gear Review Kershaw - Blur Tanto

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    Audio is working for smartphones now! :)

    I've been using this folding blade as my main EDC for over a year now. I felt like its time I give my opinion on it.
    First off, I really like the texture of it. The handle has an almost like rubbery gritty texture which definitely helps it from slipping in the hand. The clip can be placed on either side so the blade faces towards the ground or upward. The SpeedSafe spring like opening mechanism is really cool, and is still as springy as when I first got it. I've touched the blade edge up a few times during its use, and the most wear that can be seen on it is on the handle along the edges.
    I like the steel which is not super hard(55 hrc) but is a bit more resistant to corrosion.
    Mine has a serrated part of the blade which has come in handy when I want to do more rugged cutting. For full details on the knife and my crazy little review check out the youtube video below :)

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