Know the enemy - Ministry of State Security (MSS), or Guoanbu

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    Totalitarian States share many similarities -

    Just as the NKVD morphed int the KGB, then the FSB. The KGB became the secret police for internal affairs but was also responsible for counter-intelligence within the Soviet Union and for espionage outside the country.

    The Chinese have the same kind of State apparatus.
    The MSS is the civilian intelligence, security and secret police agency of the People's Republic of China, responsible for counter-intelligence, foreign intelligence and political security. Its military counterpart is the Intelligence Bureau of the Joint Staff. Described as one of the most secretive intelligence organizations in the world, it is headquartered in Beijing with subordinate branches at the provincial, city, municipality and township levels throughout China.
    (More detail & history of the organization at Ministry of State Security (China) - Wikipedia

    The ministry also carries out significant influence operations through so called "united front" work, in which overseas diaspora, business contacts and NGO's are leveraged in order to purchase political influence and sway policy direction to Beijing's favor. Xi Jinping has personally spoken about the importance of United Front work in saying: "Party committees at all levels must place united front work in an important position" and the "United Front Work Department" part of the party's "magic weapon". In other words, anything Chinese is potentially a spy for the CCP.

    Four Chinese Nationals Working with the Ministry of State Security Charged with Global Computer Intrusion Campaign Targeting Intellectual Property and Confidential Business Information, Including Infectious Disease Research
    DOJ indictment of MSS operatives.

    Ministry of State Security Operations - Chinese Intelligence Agencies
    China's MSS and other intelligence services aggressively target the US, placing particular emphasis on the high tech sector heavily concentrated in Southern California, and in the Silicon Valley. Cover for Beijing's espionage in the United States includes the 1,500 Chinese diplomats operating out of 70 offices, 15,000 Chinese students who arrive in the US each year, and 10,000 Chinese who travel in some 2,700 visiting delegations each year.

    A Guide to Chinese Intelligence Operations - War on the Rocks
    Not by stealth or guile, but mostly mass of effort and brute force - China's spies are less James Bond and more Mike Tyson - but make no mistake, to them China comes first, last and always.

    WARNING - anything and everything you read/see or consider on China has the MSS in the background.
    The Chinese internal security apparatus is even more brutal than the KGB, if that is possible. The Soviet had Gullags (Glavnoe Upravlenie Lagerei, or Main Camp Administration) - forced (slave) labor camps.

    The Chinese have the Laogai - (translates to reform through labor) ie - Gulags.
    In 1994 the laogai camps were renamed "prisons". However, Chinese Criminal Law still stipulates that prisoners able to work shall "accept education and reform through labor". The existence of an extensive network of forced-labor camps producing consumer goods for export to Europe and the United States became classified. Publication of information about China's prison system by Al Jazeera English resulted in its expulsion from China on May 7, 2012.

    The system has been estimated to have caused tens of millions of deaths and it has also been likened to slavery by its critics
    (Laogai - Wikipedia)
    Note - while I post wiki entries, keep in mind that as harsh as the criticism may seem, I've no doubt the MSS is working to change text even as I write this...
    As a matter of course, I avoid buying anything Chinese. It is impossible to tell if slave labor was used to make the thing. The whole genocide against the Uighur people and Christians in general is a matter of regular reporting in the West. The Party seems to be the god one must worship to survive....
    Why? Many rail against the ChiComs, but without any real knowledge of the true situation internally to the country.

    This is a small effort to encourage folks to learn more about what we in the West truly face.....
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    Secret Police, coming to a country near you, via Nasty Piglosie's Capital Police!
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    I assume that the MSS got to this article and tried to eliminate it but all they could do is line through most of it, making it difficult to read. Yeah, we're on to them.
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    OH My! Should have seen it before I deleted. I have been reading over on another forum.
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