Krag 30/40 model 1898

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    Well I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone that I’ve found myself in position of another antique gun. It’s a long story of how I got it but I basically got for free.

    It’s Springfield armory model 1898 “Krag 30/40 model 1898”. It’s in good condition besides some pitting in the bore from the corrosive ammo they use to use. The only other problem is that back in the day someone replaced the rear volley sight with a peep sight. To top it off the eye peace for the peep sight is missing, I don’t have the original sight and the butt plate was replaced with a rubber one that is falling apart now. The stock and bluing is nearly perfect.

    So this is my new project. I’d be happy if I could just figure out how to get the damn bolt off. Any info on this gun would be appreciated.
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    Pull the bolt all the way to the rear. Pry up (USE YOUR FINGERS NOT A TOOL!!) the extractor until it clears the bridge, swing it to the right and turn the bolt up until the lug slips thru the extractor gap in the bridge, and it will slide out into your hands. You may need to take the peep sight off to get it out of the way.

    Yeah, I have one, an original (as vs. sporterized) carbine. Some hammerhead put a peep sight on it, too. Damn peep won't go down far enough to zero at 100 yards, so I take it off for short range and use the battle sights. They suck with a half life, but good enough for minute of oil drum at 150 yards.

    Now the fun begins. Disassembly of the bolt is a non trivial task that I won't go into just now, but start with a good soak in brake cleaner, and we'll go from there. You will hate yourself, trust me on this, if you don't have written directions in front of you when you take it apart. There is one spring in it, and it is POTENT. Don't ask how I know this; I did it before my brain finished congealing. You can find all sorts of basic info with a quick google.

    The original butt plate was steel. Mine is also rubber, installed by the same hammerhead that did the peep sight. You should consider replacing the rubber one. As I can tell you, a Krag is a shoulder dislocator even with the rubber, worse by some then a Mosin-Nagant. When you pull the trigger, get your right shoulder as high as you can, never mind comfort.

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    Ok thanks for the help,

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    Here's a link to the Krag forum at Surplus Rifle:
    Surplusrifle Forum • View forum - The Krag

    Or you can go to Surplusrifle Forum • Index page and see all the discussions. Great place for mausers, swedes, krags, sks, enfields, pistols, semi-autos, etc... (mostly collectable things).

    Someone may even have a step-by-step picture thread for taking apart the bolt (they do for many different rifles, I know).
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    Very good link, has a complete disassembly - reassembly guide, with pix. Wish I'd had that one when I did the deed the first time (yes, I did find the spring after a short hunt.)

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    Our Krag Rifle Scope Mount fits the 1898 & 1894 30 40 Krag Rifles as well as the Norw. Krag. The Mount is a rock solid mount made in the U.S.A. The mount locks securely to the receiver without any gunsmithing. The scope mount is precision machined from T-351 Aircraft Aluminum and comes complete with a pair of 1" steel scope rings that are fully adjustable for windage. Item #2365
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    geezus that thing has alot of parts!
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    The link is registered through GoDaddy to someone in Russia, so I'm sure I'd not trust it. For a one-post-wonder, that is a great product description -- "mount without gunsmithing... T-351 aircraft aluminum... 1" steel scope rings... adjustable for windage..."

    It's almost like we're getting spear-phished.
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    newb here...

    i inherited this 1894 Krag from my uncle (s# 16028 i think), as you can i have it most of the stripped. thanks for the link on the bolt. it looks like it is hard chromed or nickle plated, i was to refurbish the finish, were these parkerized, blued, or heat oxide finish?

    the furniture on this rifle is near perfect.

    IMGP0229.JPG IMGP0234.JPG
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