Kudos and Props to Jan Brewer, Republican Governor of Arizona

Discussion in 'Politics' started by chelloveck, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. chelloveck

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    Kudos and Props to Jan Brewer, Republican Governor of Arizona for strangling (aka vetoeing) the Bill 1062 :“An Act Relating to the Free Exercise of Religion”.

    Arizona SB 1062 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



    There has been much reaction to Brewer's decision, both positive and negative. It took quite a bit of moral courage to take the course of action that she did, as State Governor given the fallout from some segments of the Republican party and its largely conservative constituency.

    I quite like the analysis of Brewer's actions written by Hendrik Herzberg of the New Yorker.

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  2. BTPost

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    I wish some folks would actually READ the Dang BILL, and LOOK at EXACTLY what the Wording Change, in the amended Statute would have BEEN, BEFORE they publish all those BS Rants, that the MSM News Outlets have been SPREADING, like Cow Crap.......... I bet there are less than 6 Monkeys that have even considered READING the BILL and the Statute as it would have Been AMENDED.....
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  3. ozarkgoatman

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    If I have a buisness and don't what to sell you my product/service thats my choice, get over it and go elsewhere.
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  4. chelloveck

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    It is the reason why I enclosed a link to the vetoed legislation.
  5. BTPost

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    To bad you didn't actually go READ IT....
  6. Gafarmboy

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    Agree or disagree with the bill, this smells of backtracking due to monetary pressure. Not a decision based on the issue of Right or wrong. Me, myself and I, see the original case against the florist as part of an agenda, not a matter of discrimination. Seems to be a war against the Christian religion and those who support it. TPTB would never ask, nay, force a Muslim chef to make me a pulled pork sandwich with a side of deep fried bacon. If you do not like the service of a certain business, you and your money need to
    GO THE F____ SOME WHERE ELSE. Not go whining to the local authorities because your panties are in the proverbial wad. We are so screwed as a nation.

    I am an anachronism living with a medieval mind set.
  7. ozarkgoatman

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    Gafarmboy I couldn't agree more!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Sapper John

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    Not wanting to beat this thread to death, but the Law Arizona just tried to pass is the exact same law that the Federal Government passed and was signed into law by President Clinton in 1993. It was and still is called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The Liberals and the Mainstream media had no problems with it then or now. So what is suddenly wrong with it now that a conservative state government wants to make it a state law?
  9. ozarkgoatman

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    Sapper John If a liberal does it then its good. When someone else does it its racist.
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  10. BTPost

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    Well, actually it IS State Law in Aridzonia at this very Moment..... What the Bill was attempting to do, is CLAIFY the Existing Statute, by adding some language, that actually in ONE Case, would make it harder for Businesses, to claim Relief, from such a Law Suit. Go READ the Bill and then the State Statute as it is Today, and then decide, if the MSM, and the GALA Bunch, have a Leg to Stand On, or are just plain LYING for Political Purposes. Just like the Imperial President Himself..... You tell a Lie, Long, and Loud, enough, the Sheeple will believe IT, and condiem Folks based on the LIE..... and not care that they were Lied to.... Until it hits them PERSONALLY in the PocketBook.....(think ObamaCare) and then can't believer that the .GOV would do that to them.....
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  11. ozarkgoatman

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    MSM lying to us, can't be say it ain't so. :)
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  12. Pax Mentis

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    Actually, I would have like the law better if there was language allowing business owners to refuse service to someone because you were sick of their religious proselytizing...sort of the flip side of having "religious objections" to someone's lifestyle.
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  13. robin48

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    A business owner has the right to expel someone proselytizing on their property. Well let me qualify that. They could expel a Christian but probably not a Muslim. We've seen in a few cases now courts forcing businesses to go against their religious beliefs. Here is the rub for me. I have a friend who owns a parts store, if he sells a part to a gay man he isn't being asked to participate in anything. If I own a catering service and am forced to cater a gay wedding that is a totally different animal and should not be.
  14. cjsloane

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    Are you saying that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act enables a business to deny service to a patron if it conflict with the religious beliefs of the business?

    This seems to be about a patron denying service to a customer, not forcing a business to sell something.

    In 1997, the Supreme Court had a problem with the law, and it was held unconstitutional as applied to the states.
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  15. BTPost

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    Service or Sale... What is the difference.... I choose to SELL, or Not Sell, to Service, or NOT Service, ON MY Terms, as a Business Owner, Period. I have a sign on my door: IMG_0805.

    and the ShotGun, lives on Pegs, Just above, and Inside, that Door..... .....

    Where most folks get themselves into trouble... Is when they try and Explain, or Justify,
    Their Actions. I feel NO NEED to Explain, or Justify, Anything to ANY Potential Customer.
    If they do not like the way I do Business, "Don't let the Door, Hit you in the A$$, on your
    Way Out." Just the way I am, YMMV.....
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  16. cjsloane

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    They seem very different to me but maybe we should be clear - I said you can't force a business to sell you something they don't have.
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  17. BTPost

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    So, You are suggesting, that one can Force a Business to provide a Service, that they May, or MAY NOT, be able, or willing, to provide?
    Sonny, That is Totally Illogical.... It doesn't matter if it is a Thing, or a Service, to Me they are the same, and I, as a Business Owner, DECIDE who I will do Business with, and WHO I will NOT do Business With, at MY Discretion, and certainly NOT at a Potential Customers Discretion. You do not like ME, or My way of doing Business. Fine, Then Take a Hike, and take your Business, Elsewhere. That is your ONLY Right, in my Shop. I will NEVER Justify, my Business Practices to ANYONE, who May, or May NOT, be a Potential Customer... ...... YMMV.....
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  18. cjsloane

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    No, I stated a negative, why are you changing it to a positive?

    I said you can't force a business to sell you something they don't have.
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  19. BTPost

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    But you did NOT address the difference between Things, and Services, and THAT was what "I" was questioning.... You left out half the Answer....
  20. cjsloane

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    Let's say you sell plumbing supplies. Two guys walk in and they both want to buy PVC pipe you have in stock. If this store is open to the public, I don't think you can refuse to sell to one.

    Now let's say you're a plumber. Two guys walk into your store (pretend). They both have frozen pipes. You can refuse one or both jobs.

    Sales ≠ service
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