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    To begin with, HH6 and I would like to express our wishes to all of our readers for a joyous holiday season, filled with time spent with family and friends.

    I have decided I am taking the rest of the year off from the blog, working on the book, etc, to focus 100% of my time and energy on being with the tribe. However, HH6 and I decided, in an effort to demonstrate our gratitude and appreciation of the readers, we’re going to do a Holiday gift of a combination set of both Volumes I and II of The Reluctant Partisan, for one reader. There’s a catch though. We’re going to allow you guys to suggest article ideas you’d like to see on the blog in the near future. Twenty-four hours after I post this, HH6 will pick out a winner (so you have 24 hours to come up with a zinger!), and we will announce the winner. The winner needs to contact HH6 with a shipping address ASAP, because I will mail the books out the next morning (Yes, I will dare a visit to the post office on Christmas Eve…), and email the winner with the shipping information.

    So, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Festive Yule, Joyous Solstice, or festive mid-winter celebration of your tribe’s observance!

    The winning article will be the first post of 2016, followed by a resumption of the ongoing Developing a Training Plan series.


    In other news:

    In addition to the February classes in AZ, we have some other open-enrollment classes tentatively scheduled:

    29 APR-2 MAY 2016 Combat Rifle Applications in western Oregon (vicinity of Eugene). This course develops the ability to begin training yourself to make the transition from Fundamental Rifle Marksmanship to Gunhandling in the context of fighting with the rifle. It focuses on building gunhandling skills at the intuitive level, while developing cognitive ability and valid decision-making skills during the fight. In essence, the focus of this course can be summed up with a line I tossed out at the last Combat Rifle course, in Arizona, that “if you accidentally shoot a six-year old, you can’t fix that problem by shooting the rest of his playmates too.”

    Previous training with your rifle (not necessarily from me) is a prerequisite for this course. At a bare minimum, you should be capable of performing the following:

    –safe weapons handling
    –speed and tactical reloads
    –zeroing your rifle (and having a zeroed rifle upon arrival)
    –familiarity with various field firing positions like the prone, kneeling, etc.

    Round count for this course is 500 rounds. Please contact HH6 at for enrollment details. Cost for the class is $500/shooter.

    6-8 MAY 2016 Fighting in and Around Structures in western Oregon (vicinity of Eugene). This course focuses on dealing with the stresses of fighting in and around built up areas and structures. Subjects range from gaining entry and geometry of clearing a structure. This course includes complex shooting problems with high-level decision-making integrated into the coursework in a progressive methodology. THIS COURSE INVOLVES FORCE-ON-FORCE WORK. The risk of physical contact from both Sims/Airsoft projectiles (we’re still deciding on which route to follow) and other participants is very high (you’re probably going to get grabbed, slammed, and potentially choked the fuck out, at some point during this class, unless you’re some kind of Obi-Won JSOC Jedi master of CQB….).

    This course, in addition to beginning to develop the ability of individual and buddy team elements to clear structures, focuses on dispelling much of the “common wisdom” that circulates in the shooting and preparedness communities regarding fighting in and around structures.

    Round count for this course is 300 rounds. Please contact HH6 at for enrollment details. Cost for this class is $500/shooter.

    For the Oregon classes: if two shooters are attending together, I will discount the combined cost of either class to $900. If one shooter wants to take both classes, I will discount the combined cost for both classes to $900. I recommend Combat Rifle Applications before the CQB course. It’s not required, but it will make the progressions a lot faster, since some of the decision-making/cognitive function drills will already be familiar, rather than being introduced to them, and then adding dealing with structural geometry issues on top of that.

    4-6 JUNE 2016 Combat Rifle Applications Course in NE Missouri. See the above description for this course.

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