Looking for good M1 carbine for deer hunting

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by nope, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. nope

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    Not worried about it being USGI just want a good shooter for deer season. Anyone have any idea's?
  2. TLynn

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    Haunt the auction boards would be your best bet. Or find someone that has one of the aftermarket ones they want to sell.

    Problem is most people want an arm and a leg for one.

    I've been wanting one for 4 years now and still can't afford one. Well except I want an original one. My reasons are a bit different though - it's more sentimental value. Out here we hunt deer with a heck of a lot bigger caliber. Then again our deer tend to be a bit bigger too.
  3. nope

    nope Monkey+++ Founding Member

    Well, I used a 30-06 but with my back I cannot carry it that long and it's to heavy so I figure the M1 is my best bet b/c they are light enough. I won't have to shoot very far away b/c my deer stand is in a prime area and we have tons of deer out this way b/c it's all woods.
    Thanks for the reply.
  4. TLynn

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    I understand you can't use a 30-06 because of your back (they are heavy suckers and the kick isn't good for you). The M1 should do you fine back where you are.

    I also keep forgetting about the deer stand thing back that way.

    Just not used to it...even though I know it's done a lot, you don't see it out here so I never think about it, tend to think in terms of having to do longer shots.

    Wish you luck in your hunt for that gun.
  5. nope

    nope Monkey+++ Founding Member

    yeah we're lazy in the south especially since mine is up in a cedar tree above a ridge that is all woods then pasture. So I can see for quit a distance in all directions. They bed down near where it is so I would only need 60-70yard shot at best. I just hunt to feed the belly so as long as it's a decent size deer I'm not picky. Last year down the road about 5 miles fom us a 12 yr old gal got a 17 point buck. Nice rack on that baby. But around here 11 point is average. But that's not everywhere, IL my bro thinks their deer are the biggest and average there is like 8 points unless it's Southern IL.

    Hey TLynn check out this guys site, even if he doesn't show it on his site email him and ask him if he has a M1 carbine like your looking for. He is into 100% original no import stamped M1 carbines and garands. He has awesome quality guns and doesn't charge and arm and leg. www.vicsgunsandknives.com GREAT GUY and honest!
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