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    We’ve been studying and preparing for these changing times for well over 20 years and have found Catron County the best place in the country to “wether the coming storm” and beyond. We have provisions, supplies, know-how and experience.

    The 40 acres is 21 miles from the state highway, up a dirt road, well maintained (except for about 1 mile that is rough, but certainly more than passable, just slowly). There are no visible neighbors (the closest neighbor is several miles away). It’s part of a huge ranch and is still used as open range. You won’t see much of anyone except a “real” cowboy sometimes, mostly on horseback. But by then, I’m sure it will be nice to see a different face once in a while! There is no power grid, no phone lines (as far as the eye can see) and no cell signal, although we are working on an antenna to catch the cell signal.

    There are beautiful views in every direction, including a killer view of the Sawtooth Mountains. It’s 7000 ft above sea level. The land is nicely treed and the soil is mostly sandy, but with some water it will flourish. It’s mostly gently sloping, with plenty of flat areas for building. We will have a greenhouse, which will extend the growing season to about 9 months and will protect the plants from animals. There are elk, deer and antelope.

    We are looking for people who want to be part of a survival community, that is, people helping each other. We have no prejudice against anyone’s beliefs or lifestyle. As we say in New Mexico, “You can do what you want, as long as you don’t get any on me!” We have our own spiritual beliefs and believe that everyone has a right to theirs.

    We’re planning on leasing some of the land so we can drill a well that will be usable for all. Then we will be truly self-sufficient.

    Dan & Sheila
    pm for info...edited by quig
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    Ummm... Welcome to the Board?!

    Not that you don't have a great idea, but I'm more than a little wary of strangers offering a great deal. I would suggest to my friends that they err on the side of caution as well.

    I would think that you might be more cautious about posting your email and telephone number for the entire world to see.

    Best of luck with your venture.
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    +1 - Tracy.

    D & S -
    Take it from a very cautious reprobate. Best you should edit your post and eliminate the phone number and e-mail, and invite contact via PM.
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