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Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by BTPost, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. BTPost

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    I am looking for some Monkey Hams, with General Class or Higher Tickets, to review a Communications White Paper, that I hope to soon publish here on the Monkey Site. Specifically I need a HAM, to vet the document, for License Privileges, Frequencies, and Emissions, in the specified VHF/UHF Ham Bands.
    The document is getting close to the Final Draft, and I want fresh Ham Eyes, to make sure I am Not out of bounds, on these Technical Issues. You can reply, if interested in helping on this project, by posting here, via PM, FlashChat, Skype, or eMail. What ever suits you. I would appreciate any help folks can give. Thanks
  2. beast

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    lol, i was wondering since when did hams have eyes :p
  3. Tikka

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  4. BTPost

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    Tikka, Thanks for the URLS....
  5. Dunbar

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    Fresh Ham Eyes

    Bruce, I'll do what I can to help. My eyes are old, but my Hams fresh.

  6. fanderal

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    Sure I'd be glad to help.

  7. mwatson

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    I would say yes to the arrl, plus you could mail it to them and let them vet your paper.
  8. jmcglash

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    I currently run communications for our local OEM with another HAM and I am a Radio Merit Badge councilor. I currently run communications for our local OEM with another HAM and I am a Radio Merit Badge councilor. I am currently studying morse (good to have in the knowledge bank) and material for my extra upgrade. I am new here but I am willing to lend a hand if needed.

  9. dragonfly

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    No luck, I never took the tests...I studied and have 4- 10 meter units.."just in case". It was a real problem getting to where the tests were given, and the dates and times...Maybe next year will go better.
  10. strunk

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    Thanks for inviting me to review this. But alas I am a lowly NCT at this point in my amateur radio career.
  11. BTPost

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    Strunk, The MonkeyNet Project is not necessarily about Ham Radio, or an specific Communications Link. It is a general, and BASIC, setup for a SECURE Messaging System, with Redundant Encryption Systems, that are as close to, or as good as, anything the Letters Outfits can do, or crack, readily. For the purpose of the White Paper, we didn't get down the LINK Layer of the Network, SPECIFICALLY because, neither We, or anyone else, can know just what Comm Links will be available, in a Post Internet World. The MonkeyNet sets up a System, AND PROTOCOL, that can run on ANY UnSECURED Comm Link, and move SECURE Traffic, over whatever Link is available, between the two parties. One of the objectives of the Project is to make the technology available, to ANYONE, and ANY GROUP, without compromising the SECURITY of our In-House MonkeyNet Network. Others can setup their own SECURE Networks, using the same Technologies, while not compromising the SECURITY of our Network, or anyone else's Network, using the Same Technologies. It is our hope, that we can Rollout the MonkeyNet Technology, which is now in Beta Test, to the general Monkey Population, sometime next year. What we need now is feedback from our Beta Testers, and interested folks, who would like to join that Group, to vet the systems, and processes, to make sure it is understandable, and useable, for the average Joe Monkey, or Survivalist/Prep'er/Like Minded Person or group.
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  12. strunk

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    I've had some ideas about how to pull off such a thing, but it can only work if everyone you want to communicate with is on the same page. But I'm interested in seeing what you're working on, if you're still interested in showing me.
  13. BTPost

    BTPost Stumpy Old Fart Snow Monkey Moderator

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