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    Senate Dem: Save the US Postal Service with Wind Farms - United States Postal Service - Fox Nation

    Right....this will solve all of their problems because gasoline is what's causing their swan dive into red pool of insolvency.

    Libtard Logic (LL):
    -- A company is failing:
    * Normal solution: pinpoint the reason of the problems; fix them and cut costs where ever possible.
    * LL solution: spend enough money to fund failing entity for a couple years on a "solution" that never addresses the real problems. It would only cost 28.3 years to recoup the costs of the purchase/set-up of the wind farm hardware and new fleet of jeeps. Pensions, poor management, un-caring stereotypical govt. workers....nah, don't address those.

    Short version: go into massive debt to save money. :rolleyes:

    The only way a you could hear this kind of stuff and not puke is if you're an emotional liberal retard or high. Keep in mind, 16% of this country has an IQ below 85.
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    They don't even deliver where I live. We are all assigned PO Boxes and have to go to the PO to get our mail. Ditto the town I work in, and in that town if the sender mistakenly put your street address, the witch of a postmaster will stamp it Return to Sender, and put a nastygram in your box telling you that your mail has to be addressed to the box.

    I do everything online. The only thing I get in my mailbox is junk mail and unwanted magazines. If the entire USPS went under tomorrow, it would not affect me one whit.

    Considering the US IQ average is only 98, I'd bet it's more than 16% under 85.
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