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    I stopped into the Apple store yesterday when I was out and discussed spyware, adware, and other issues with a couple of the sales techs. They remarked at how very few adware, spyware, viruses are written for Apple and they have no problems.

    I am about 6-12 months from purchasing a new computer and have been contemplating this switch back to macs from when I left in the early 1990s. Any of you have similar thoughts?
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    I think that Squeezing frogs with your bare hands is a better choice than anything Microsoft.

    I haven't really done much with Apple/mac in the past 25ish years. I'm sure they've come a long way. Might even have color screens now too. ;)

    If I were looking to make a change in OS, I'd seriously consider one of the Dektops or laptops than are Linux based/rated and preinstalled. I'll bring you some samples of linux to KY next week so you can see what they look like.

    The main benifit to anything Open Source, is that Thousands of programmers look at and tweak the source code, thereby exposing security holes, and generally making things smaller, faster etc. MS and APple are closed source and the only ones who know what goes on inside the Kernel are their programmers. But, I think Apple/Mac is still better than MS.

    Better yet Clyde, Get yourself an iPod, a GameBoy and a comfortable Bar Stool Cushion and save some $$. Frog Squisher!
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