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    Make America Great Again,will we ever make America Great Again? In six months I don’t believe you will recognize our country was once a great country. No free speech. No gun ownership. Loose your job if you believe in the wrong things. Forced vaccination wether you want it or not. This will cause high inflation and more homeless people to worry about. It’s kind of hard to worry about our country when we sit back and ask for more from the gov teat and do nothing to stop this crap. Our country needs help now not six months down the road,but now, We are the frog in boiling water,and the gov is turning up the heat a little at a time. The destruction of the United States of america has to stop and quick. I would never have believed I would ever have seen our country go down this fast in my 78 yrs as a citizen. Our country is sending out a s.o.s.,listen and act.
  2. madmax

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    I'm not that pessimistic....yet...
    And I will always speak freely and own firearms.
    62yo. Never thought I'd see this either. Dad and Grandpa warned me.
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    I think you're being a bit negative. People will speak up and people will still own guns. Jobs? You mean people still have those?
    I will say no to the vaccine. otherwise, things may become what many here prep for. Each person can try to make the world around them in their area a bit better.
  4. Lately I've been thinking about Europe in the 1930's and wondering if I would have had the smarts to emigrate. Is there anywhere to run to? Do we line up for our hair cuts and tattoos? Would the U.N. intervene if "right wing white supremacists" didn't like the pogroms of the leftists and took up arms?
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  5. VisuTrac

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    Ain't no one invading us anytime soon.
    Smart money is on sitting on the sideline, watching Amerika shoot itself up.
    Way easier to conquer when the fighting is done and all the ammo is expended and everyone is tired and bleeding.
    Amerika will be destroyed from the inside.
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    IMHO the left will call upon any source if it looks like they are losing... so... technically it's not an invasion IF the help is INVITED in...

    our government asking for help from... say the CCP or middleastern or african sources could become an issue...

    if the left is in power... well... and with some of our current politicians supposedly on the right...

    of the people by the people seems to be no more...

    and the left SEEMS to ignore certain protest while labeling others as insurrection...

    while lookin the other way with burning and murder by their toddies...

    makes a body recall the reported/claimed words of George H.W. Bush...

    (paraphrase) --> if the American public knew what we did they would chase us down the street and hang us....?

    and well... the thing is... I doubt the invited help will ever leave after...
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    The second bogus impeachment of Trump proves one thing the left is terrified of Trump and his supporters. Their efforts are being aided and abetted by many of our so-called Republican leaders. Trump has been a threat to both parties status quo of on going corruption. The left does not need help from the outside unfortunatly there are enough homegrown traitors to support all their efforts to destroy the Republic.
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  8. Merkun

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    They are wasting the taxpayer's money to get what they are going to get automatically. The Senate will chew this to death until after the inauguration anyhow. Gag a maggot time.

    So the question: What does an impeachment become when the accused is no longer in office?
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  9. BTPost

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  10. mysterymet

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    It is like we are living one of those PAW fiction novels I love to read. This one is not nearly as fun. Now I just need to win the lottery so I can do all that big time last minute preparation that helps the main character survive and turn into the benevolent area war lord...
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  11. apache235

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    What they want to do is make sure that Trump can.not run again - ever, for anything.
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  12. Big Ron

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    Castro said something like this. The Americans will destroy themselves from within, we don't need to do anything.
  13. Merkun

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    Credit Khrushchev for that one as well.
  14. johnbb

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    Old enough to remember him saying it and thinking that will never happen------ Lord how wrong I was
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    If we don’t stand up now,they will be right. Our country is too good to let some idiots run it down. Some of our “citizens” should have to live in North Korea for a spell,I bet things would be different then. O well mr. biden is going to straighten things out just you wait and see. Ha Ha that’s a joke.
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  16. Meat

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    Locally I’m pretty fortunate. (Taxe$ notwithstanding) I’m striving to Make My Neighborhood Great. If I can just get that hot chickie to slow down a bit. They get away with everything. Lol. :D
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