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  1. stg58

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    I picked up one of these and installed it on one of my AR's this weekend. It adds versatility for sling attachments other than it being a bit pricey at $25 I like it.
    The ASAP Ambidextrous Sling Attachment Point allows a range of motion greater than 180 degrees, enabling true ambidextrous weapon manipulation for both left and right handed shooters. The ASAP replaces the standard AR15/M16 carbine stock receiver end plate, providing a tactical advantage by minimizing snagging and facilitating easy transition to and from weapon and reaction side shoulders. The ASAP works with Single-Point® type slings with snap hook style attachments such as the Magpul MS2 Sling.

    Made from precision cast black manganese phosphatized steel, the ASAP is compatible with both mil-spec and commercial-spec carbine receiver extensions (buffer tubes). The ASAP has been proven to withstand stress tests of over 300lbs.

    Made in U.S.A.

  2. ghrit

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    I rather like the concept with a big caveat. If something snags it, that 300 lbs of yank on your carcass could upset things dramatically. Now, if it had a release that would give at something more reasonable, I'd jump in.
  3. cdnboy66

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    I have one on mine, quite like it.
    Like having the single mount, down side is it lets the rifle hang on my right side and bounces against my pistol on my hip.

    Having said all that, I am NOT an operator, nor do I play one on TV. But I like having it at the range.
    For me it is practical when I get to go out and do drills.
  4. melbo

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    The ASAP is what I'm standardizing my rear mounts on 4 Colt M4s.

    I'm planning on breaking the stakes on my factory receiver end plates and then re-staking these once installed. I also plan to run the MP MS3 Multi Mission Sling in 2 point config.
  5. natshare

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    I've been thinking about putting a single-point sling attachment, like this, on my AR build, and using a convertible sling. The idea being, it would give me the capacity to operate single point, or dual point.

    My only question with this item is, if I don't have my sling attached to it, how noisy is it? There's plenty of ambidextrous sling attachments, that don't utilize a separate ring (like the ASAP has), and I wonder how loud it would be, if I were in a dual point sling configuration, and didn't have anything attached to it? No reason to have a chime attached to yourself, if you're trying to move with stealth, eh?
  6. HK_User

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    Put this on my build. BROWNELLS - AR-15/M16 A2 SINGLE-POINT SLING ADAPTER.

    Can be had in right and left. This is not some whimpy aluminum or plastic device.

    Gives Your Fixed-Stock Rifle The Versatility Of Quick-Detach sling Mounting
    Low-profile adapter gives an AR-15/M16 with an A2-style buttstock the convenience and versatility of single-point clip-on sling attachment. Lets you combine the stable cheekweld of a fixed rifle buttstock with the ease of the latest, quick-attach tactical slings. Precision machined from 4140 carbon steel for extra strength, with extra metal on the attachment loop, so no matter how hard you pull or twist the sling, this adapter won’t break. Right Hand (RH) model has the loop on the left side to accommodate right-handed shooters; Left Hand (LH) model has the loop on the right for left-handed shooters. Requires no permanent alterations to rifle: simply remove the buttstock, slide the adapter over the receiver extension tube, and reinstall the stock using the included spacer and extended buttplate screw.
  7. Ive ran a few asaps over the years, I have found that the QD mounted sling attachments are much better! less moving parts
  8. gunbunny

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    What if you removed the loose metal loop with cutters and just placed the 1" webbing directly around the base loop? Is it big enough to thread a piece through?
  9. HK_User

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  10. JtotheP

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    I have an ambi-sling on mine with holes on both sides, looks like the Magpul is the way to go--I'm sold.
  11. natshare

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    This is the one I used for my most recent build. Funny thing is, it's a direct copy of the Magpul ASAP, even down to the Magpul symbol, no doubt made in China (where, likely, Magpul gets theirs made too). Ambidextrous Sliding Loop Sling Adaptor End Plate: Sports & Outdoors

    <$9, shipped, and I'd say it's just as robust as the Magpul product. Funny thing is, I contacted Magpul about this being a forgery, after I got it, and never heard a word back from them. Guess business is so good that they can afford to NOT sell a $20 part, and lose the sale to a $9 competitor.
  12. stg58

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    Magpul may have listened.
    Item Under Review
    While this item is available from other marketplace sellers on this page, it is not currently offered by because customers have told us there may be something wrong with our inventory of the item, the way we are shipping it, or the way it's described here. (Thanks for the tip!)

    We're working to fix the problem as quickly as possible.
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  13. natshare

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    Maybe so? Or people are reporting to Amazon that it was previously identified in such a way to make it sound as if it were a Magpul ASAP, and looked like one, but wasn't.

    Funny thing, the Magpul model has the two little pieces, like the photo on that page shows. One is slightly longer than the other, and it's designed so you use one for a Mil-Spec buffer tube, and one for a Commerical buffer tube. The one I got didn't have those, it was just made with that piece molded right into the main piece. When tightening down the buffer tube, I was able to finagle it so everything fit correctly, but it wouldn't have turned any further without having interference.
  14. kellory

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    Reread the description of the parts. It may be an air soft copy passed off as a real AR15 part.
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  15. Elessar

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    I have this on my first Colt and will be putting on my second DD
  16. Mechwolf

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    I concur with Kellory. I saw some jack wagon trying to pass Magpul airsoft gear as true Magpul MOE gear. at the last gun show. I actually called him out on it while he was trying to sell some pieces to a guy .
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  17. enigma

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    I am not any type of "operator" but I have them on two AR15 carbines they are nice pieces of gear but when there is nothing attached to them they can be on the noisy side.
  18. HK_User

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    Agreed. Not good for Yote Hunting.
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