Make $50 in Philly today

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Oltymer, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. Oltymer

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    DNC paying people $50 to sit in vacated seats at the convention, it seems a lot of the conventioneers have decided to blow the convention in protest against Clinton. Evidently so many are gone it will create too many holes in the audience for live TV tonight and put a blight on Clinton's nomination. Might even pick up some free eats

    Personally I hope they can't find enough winos and homeless to do the job and get the public media black eye they so well deserve.
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  2. 3M-TA3

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    Any idea how many seats they had to fill?
  3. BTPost

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    Could we send a 1000 Monkeys @ $50US each, and then during the BIG Moment, all stand up, and create a GIANT SCENE by yelling "TRUMP for President" over and over.....
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  4. UncleMorgan

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  5. ghrit

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    The popcorn can be cold and soggy, the beer warm and flat, and I'd still enjoy it. Regrettably, I fear we would all wake up just before the end.
  6. GOG

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    At this point, all I want is a cheesesteak.
  7. Bandit99

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    @UncleMorgan "13 million Democrats are going to leave the party because of the rigging, etc."
    Can you blame them? Look what the damn GOP tried to do and I think if it had been anybody else but Trump they would have done it. Both of these parties are disgusting, corrupted to the core...makes me sick.
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  8. OldDude49

    OldDude49 Just n old guy

    I have long held the belief that neither party has much interest in doing their job...

    it is not the party name so much as WHO is running them...

    many say they wanna know who is doing this...

    is this where I use that famous line...

    follow the money...
  9. Motomom34

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    Off topic but I am done. I have watched the DNC with amusement and enjoying it. I like to hear what the opponent has to say but after what I just watched, done! Bad Mommy moment but out of my mouth flew, "these people are f'ing delusional!" What pushed me over the edge???

    These people have no clue. Not one, look at the swaying and linking arms. They should look at Germany and see how all their peace, love and such has bit them in the ____. I believe in love and kindness but I have met Dems that believe we should just talk to ISIS and Al Qaeda.... yeah sure, make sure to ask them to mail your head back to your wife. If Hillary gets in get ready, we will be in a world of______________.
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  10. Meat

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    ^That was the stupidest f-ing thing I've ever witnessed. OMFG! [afro]
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  11. Motomom34

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    Oh come now, Aren't you feeling the love??? Sing it @Meat what the world needs now........ (don't forget to sway, hold hands and look blissful.
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  12. Meat

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    Death sentence much like Howard Dean's scream. That was awful.[afro]
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