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    Motomom may consider this political as far as the contest is concerned, but you should still read and heed it anyway.


    If the violence level escalates ... Obummer will kick it up a notch using emergency powers, the election would be on hold until the "emergency" his buddy G. Soros conceived and over.... or NEVER..

    The Republican National Convention

    The Republican National Convention is scheduled to be held July 18-21 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland Ohio. The convention center is in downtown Cleveland in a densely populated urban area. With the anticipated nomination of Mr. Donald Trump as the party candidate for President, groups opposed to his anti-Globalist agenda are threatening protests aimed at stopping his nomination and shutting down the convention.

    A few noteworthy organizations:

    The Workers World Party has titled its' protest "Shut Down The RNC & DNC". The Workers World Party was formed in 1959. They are a Marxist/Leninist revolutionary socialist party that believes the working class and the oppressed are agents of change. With global unity and solidarity of people's movements against imperialism, capitalist exploitation, racism and all forms of oppression, a new world can be created: a socialist order. The only thing that can save humanity at this critical juncture is worldwide revolution, with the goal of abolishing capitalism.

    The Revolutionary Communist Party, USA has taken on the responsibility to lead revolution in the U.S., the belly of the imperialist beast, as its principal share of the world revolution and the ultimate aim of communism. Its members are united in their profound desire for a radically different and better world, and their understanding of the need for revolution to get to that world. They have dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to revolution, and on the basis of that they channel their individual abilities and passions to the cause and needs of this revolution.

    The City of Cleveland has received hundreds of protest permit requests. The City's plan for approving and managing tens-of-thousands of protestors descending on the city simultaneously is evolving daily. At the time of this article, permits for over 40,000 anti-Trump protestors are pending or approved. Permit requests for a much smaller number of pro-Trump rallies are also pending.

    The City will certainly have to contend with thousands of Black Lives Matter, Revolutionary Communist Party and La Raza protestors that will not apply for a demonstration or protest permit (much like was recently experienced in Chicago, San Jose, Albuquerque and Los Angeles). The convention activities are scheduled not only at the main Quicken Loans Convention Center, but also in over 40 separate meeting facilities, restaurants and private clubs in the downtown Cleveland area.

    The City has requested additional officers from other cities and jurisdictions to assist during the week of the convention. The city has also obtained significant quantities of riot control and personal protective equipment. At the time of this article, it would appear that not more than 4,000 officers will be available to suppress any violent activities during the convention. This is a significant concern of the union representing the city's officers. It may already be too late to resolve.

    The continuous coverage of the convention by the media will prove to be a magnet for violent protestors just like was experienced in Ferguson and Baltimore last year. The lack of police intervention during the recent anti-Trump riot on June 2nd in San Jose, CA will certainly embolden those who will be travelling to Cleveland.

    In San Jose, police watched as Trump supporters were bloodied, beaten, cold-cocked, and hit in the face while trying to escape the area following a candidate campaign speech.

    The Democratic National Convention

    The Democratic National Convention will be held at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia July 25-28. Protest permit requests are rivaling that of Cleveland. The anticipated nomination of Mrs. Hillary Clinton as the party candidate for President is extremely unpopular with the anti-Wall Street "Occupy" organizations. Currently, Philadelphia is anticipating upwards of 20,000 protestors connected with over 30 separate organizations. The disappointment of supporters of Mr. Bernie Saunders is also a major contributor to the anticipated number of protestors. Remarkably, many of the same organizations planning to disrupt the Republican National Convention have stated this as their goal for the Democratic National Convention (DNC). The wild-card in the planning for the DNC will be the commitment of the Occupy and Black Bloc protestors known for violent rampages when their demands are not met. It is doubtful that Black Live Matter will be a significant factor at the DNC in terms of protest as Mrs. Clinton has embraced their movement and objectives.

    Philadelphia has an extremely large and capable police force. The convention activities for the DNC are centered on the Wells Fargo Arena area, which is near the Navy Yard and not in a highly congested urban area. Should riots break out; the primary concern will be evacuation of convention participants as there is little other than the convention center and the convention participants in the general area. Should Bernie Saunders concede to Mrs. Clinton prior to the start of the convention, the potential for wide-spread violence will be greatly diminished.

    Globalist Financing and Encouragement of National Unrest

    Many of the groups that are responsible for recent violent protests in America are tied to a common "globalist" goal and common financing. Mr. Trump is an anti-globalist and he is being opposed vigorously by those with globalist ambitions. Just as the European Union has usurped the sovereignty of its member countries, globalists intend to subject the United States to a similar North American Union in the future. As has been widely reported, the MSM is now wholly controlled by 6 globalist corporations. The control of the MSM by globalists has certainly factored into the propaganda stream encouraging protests against Mr. Trump. In large part, the violent protests and riots against Mr. Trump and his supporters have been promoted, financed and orchestrated by globalists.

    George Soros is a well-known globalist financier. Soros has pocketed billions from the chaos he has generated both here and abroad by short-selling currencies immediately in advance of "paid for" societal unrest in Great Britain, Egypt, Libya and the Ukraine. He is largely credited with orchestrating the collapse of the Ukrainian Government by supporting protests and violent response actions on both sides of the political unrest. The violence in the Ukraine evolved rapidly, resulting in the collapse of their economy the creation of a failed state dependent on financing from the European Union and the United States. Many now wonder if the same type of unrest is being intentionally generated here in the United States to effect a similar outcome.

    Here in the United States, Soros has funded the racist National Council of La Raza. La Raza seeks to open America's borders and have visions of reclaiming Aztlan (the American Southwest, "stolen" from Mexico). Mr. Soros financed and organized the Black Lives Matter riots in Ferguson and Baltimore according to interviews with key players and financial records obtained by The Washington Times.

    Mr. Soros was also instrumental in the financing of the Occupy and resulting Black Bloc movements. The original call to "Occupy Wall Street" came from the publications financed by the Soros-funded Tides Foundation.

    The rationale for discussing the unrest that globalist like Mr. Soros have funded becomes evident when you see the groups he is sponsoring all descending on Cleveland and Philadelphia to protest both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. It is not difficult to imagine a scenario unfolding similar to that which occurred in the Ukraine should wide-spread violence erupt at either convention.

    If one or both national party conventions were to be cancelled or postponed, the Federal Government could certainly justify a delay in the Presidential election and possibly implement wider emergency powers.
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    Yeah, she does. LOL! Sory but this one is not contest material.
    Monkey challenge - Your threads can be on bush craft, survival, prepping, green patch, comms, product reviews, reading room material -your choice; the only requirement is that it adds to this site.

    I need a break from politics. I cannot take it anymore.

    Oh and FYI- IMO Clinton was a disgrace to the office. The whole Lewinski scandal was embarrassing. He brought shame to the office and it was a huge slip in our morals and values when he was given a pass.
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    Oh come on Moto. You LOVE politics - can't get enough [ROFL]
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    :lol: Love politics? Moto? Dunno 'bout that, but she's right, it's politics, so moved --
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    Yes, it was embarrassing. But, most people don't know what secrets he sold to China and the deals Clinton made because the Lewinski scandal was a cover for the real reason he was being impeached. So much for "reality" television. Do a Google or YouTube search for "Chinagate scandal".

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