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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Rocky Road Lerp, Oct 29, 2015.

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    So, the problem isn't bloated government, the problem is private institutions that shouldn't be allowed to do what they like with their money? Disagree. Want to get money out of government? Shrink government. You don't create less corruption by making government larger.
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    ??? I think you might want to listen to what he says one more time.
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    He said Obama should make a speech and then ignore congress. They call that a dictatorship, right? Then he suggested that the US get into the banking business. Hey, that's worked wonderfully in health care, right? What am I missing?
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    He's saying get rid of a bought congress, which is, stop the manipulation by the bankers, which they do, make a lower interest rate to keep business here, and stop the hemorrhaging. I'm not saying to really make him president, but at least he had the sack to say what most believe. Lobbyists and corporations shouldn't be running our country. You think the US is not in the banking business? Maybe I should have put this in the tin foil lounge.
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    The way to get money out of politics is to make government so small that there is no reason for people to bribe politicians.
    As long as our politicians control the disposition of trillions of dollars, businesses will be pitching cash at elections to get largess. Banks are in the business of making money. The more government tinkers with things it doesn't understand, the worse things get. Want to solve the student loan crisis? Let kids with student loans default. Then banks have a vested interest in underwriting idiot undergraduate degrees because it costs them something if a pinhead gets a degree in indiofeministic animal husbandry and can't get a job. Less government is always the best solution, even though it often seems counter intuitive.
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    Article V.
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    We wouldn't have any of these problems now if the Honor Amendment had not been illegally excised from the US Constitution. Among other things, no attorney could hold any political office, and any office-holder that accepted any gift or remuneration lost his US Citizenship on the spot.

    Anybody that wants a thoughtful read can Google it.

    The Original 13th Amendment.
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