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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Oltymer, Jan 23, 2017.

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    Media attacks on the Trump administration were clearly evident Sunday on the TV political BS shows, and the real effect has been to set up a massive backlash from the public who are sick of the shenanigans these buffoons of news are perpetrating on the American people.

    I think after the TV networks get an earful of complaints Monday that some of these geniuses will be seeking new careers at occupations they might be able to be successful at, which doesn't include being a media news person.

    Adios dudes and dudettes of mass false propaganda!
  2. Sgt Nambu

    Sgt Nambu RIP 4/19/2018

    They were squawking like chickens under the axe! Loved it! :D
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  3. Tempstar

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    I too find myself sick of most of the news media searching out any small fragment of something, anything, to use to bitch about Trump. So he didn't win the popular vote; Neither did Clinton in his first term. We on the right suffered through 16 years of Democratic Presidents lately that succeeded in turning the country into a pile of quivering hand-out queens. Maybe the left should STFU and see what the man can do, and suck it up like we all did. I have just about totally stopped watching any national news network, especially CNN. They just can't get past it. And yes, I have written emails complaining.
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  4. chelloveck

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    I believe citizen Murdoch is a staunch Drumpf least judging by the NewsCorp reportage in Australia.

    The Australian Nocookies and Telegraph No Cookies | Daily Telegraphet al....have been positively, nauseatingly, gushing Donaldo The Greatest's praises. :love:
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  5. rjburk

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    The name is Trump, President of The United States......
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  6. chelloveck

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    I hadn't noticed that the membership here at SM were especially precious about being particularly respectful of the incumbents of that august office: I am merely continuing on in that established tradition.

    The wonderful thing about the US Constitution's 1st Amendment, is the freedom to mock and ridicule one's political leaders without the fear of being arrested, placed before a show trial (if that) and then summarily executed, or sent to a concentration camp or a gulag. That is a freedom worth exercising and defending. That said, I respect your right for you to refer to Donaldo the Greatest, as President Trump.
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  7. rjburk

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    Funny how so many Non-Americans seem to be so concerned when they should be minding the business where they live.....the name calling just shows ignorance.....
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  8. Sgt Nambu

    Sgt Nambu RIP 4/19/2018

    [bestpost] These people have been making me sick for years! Liberalism is a mental disorder! It's called Dependence Personality Disorder, formerly Co-dependence!

    [bestpost] Boy, do you have that right! The Euros would do better to buckle down and control their borders and secure their citys! Got a terrible muzzy problem? Well how fn smart are you?
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  9. Brokor

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    Cliff Notes version:

    Longer version:

    There's at least 20 years worth of information one can study on the control of America (and the world for that matter), and I have only posted about 1/10th of it on this forum through the years.

    For the average American, not much is real today...even though they believe it is. The Matrix has them.
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  10. rjburk

    rjburk Monkey

    I know there are Zombies who let the media control them, but I am not one of those....I can still buy as many guns or beer as I want......I can still shoot stuff when I want.....I can go wherever I want.....I can even buy a bunch of guns, load them up, take a ferry ride from Washington State to Alaska and sale them for a nice profit.....I can own Machineguns, Suppressors and buy and build my own Un-registered guns.....all those things are ( real ) and the media can do nothing about it......I would hope no one on this forum pays much attention to the media.....after the defeat of the clinton mafia foundation the media is even more useless than before......
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  11. Brokor

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    Just be sure to ask permission, first. And pay a nominal "fee" to the...ehem...masters.

    Not everywhere. City limits, noise complaint? Have the permits and licenses to roam about? Certain travel restrictions apply. And, depends on the State you reside, too. In one state, not a problem. In a different state, death sentence.

    Not all of us do. Some still have a tough time detaching.

    I would dare to say they are even more brazen. Who can stop them, anyway? Short of a mass awakening and complete negation of the 14th Amendment (which was never ratified anyway), the corporate era will not end with one Presidential Election for the CEO of Slavery, Inc. (the POTUS manages the debt obligation to the private banks and the SCOTUS oversees the bankruptcy) --but I do admire your "gusto" ;)

    Here's to making 'Murica great again! (y)
  12. rjburk

    rjburk Monkey

    the media has been brazen for many worked well for Hillary.......
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  13. Seacowboys

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  14. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Ditto. Politicians set them selves up like bowling pins. Knocking them down is part of their lives, and someone sets 'em up in the other alley.
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  15. Ura-Ki

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    I think many of our foreign friends have a valid opinion of things here in the U.S. and I would like them to fell welcome to share! Fact is, Even though I don't like Thump. He is now MY president, and until he proves every one of his haters right, He IS the president of the United States, and he earned that place as the Chief Executive leader of this country!
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  16. GOG

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    Here's the deal: Donald Trump IS the President of the United States.

    "Elections have consequences." ...Barack Hussein Obama.

    As I've been a prime target of the left's decades long pogrom, (Old, white, Christian, Veteran) I say to the social justice warriors, the perpetually offended, the entitlement crowd and the politically correct: Kiss my ass.
  17. rjburk

    rjburk Monkey

    what does ( easy to find ) mean ? is that a shallow liberal threat of some sort ? kinda sounds like it ? I place no value on what someone who is a citizen of another country say's....cause it means nothing....I could easily attack the stupidity of other countries on many subjects, but I do not because I don't live there....if verbal attacks make you feel good because you can ? maybe you should evaluate who you are......
  18. ghrit

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    EZ does it Mr. Burk. Seacowboys is a conservative, long time member here with street creds that are hard to achieve in a lifetime. His remarks are an invitation to any leftist that wants to take him on regardless of national origin or residence. And they can come here, too, if they so desire, it'll be a party. He is a LOT easier to find than I, as you will see if you want read the site instead of reacting. Now, it'll be worth your time to read the CoC that you signed when you became a Monkey. Let's not escalate this any further.
  19. rjburk

    rjburk Monkey

    My words exactly.....Why a proven Traitor ( Hillary ) was even allowed to run shows how far into the trash pile Obama took our Country....
    what are street creds ? so reactions by others due to street creds is ok, but I get a go read the CoC for my reaction ? interesting.....
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  20. Legion489

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    Personally I find many overseas programs and papers (I refuse to call them "news" until it is proven there is any there) interesting and find the non-USSA communist/leftist view refreshing. Even Provada (Truth) is less biased than the communist left press here, and yes the local library has it and many useful idiots sell it on street corners locally, so it is easy to find. MANY stories the USSA press ignores is covered and the difference in view point is often jarring.

    Look at the so called "alt-news" that everyone attacks. but refuses to define for me. Would the Bundy Ranch have made news if not for them? Or the shooting of an unarmed US patriot with his hands up being gunned down by gov't thugs, with out the hated and feared "alt-news" that some seem to hate so much?

    Well said, sir, well said.

    Also I am sure that Seacowboys is able to defend himself with out help of the easily offended and reactionary if he wishes too. No need to attack a simple question what may have been less than optionally stated, but as I said, if Seacowboys was offended by it, it should be up to him to respond as he sees fit with out "help".
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