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    I've been hearing a number of stories about my Gramps lately. Maybe because my Pop is getting older and these tales could be gone forever. One of my favorites takes place during the Depression. He and his friend were put on a train out of Seattle and went east. There wasn't enough food to feed them. They were around 17. Somewhere in their travels two guys tried to rob them of all their gear. Gramps and his friend beat the $hi+ out of these two grown men. At 17 Lol. If you'd like you could share cool stories of your grandparents. I'll have a few more later. [afro]
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    Neat story about my Grandma, this is right at the end of WW2 probably 1945 -46
    This was in San Fransico grandma was pretty well off where they lived.

    She went shopping and had two bags of groceries.
    She hopped on the elevator to go up to her house, as the doors closed to the elevator a large man caught the door.
    My Grandma was maybe 5' "6 and about 120 then. It was just her and him then in the elevator. After the ddors closed the man grabbed my Gramndmother and tried to accost her as he did my Grandmas bags dropped and 2 dozens eggs splattered on the floor and all over her shoes and dress, my grandma grabbed a large bottle that was within one of the bags and began beating the man to a pulp. She was so mad at losing her groceries and ruining her clothes she blew her top. With the man bleeding and out cold she went back down the elevator and told the door man who held the man who could barely move until cops arrived. I love this story because my grandma was known as the nicest lady who will ever kick your ass !
    Miss her she lived a large life and did so much in her life, this story my mom who is now 77 tells it from time to time.
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    My Grandma was all set to go hunting with my Grandpa and low and behold he decided to bring his buddy with them. They told her she had to sit in the middle. The dogs jumped deer 2x and both guys missed and Grandma, being Grandma and an excellent marksman, never said anything.... till she got home. Then she told my Grandpa, 'if you ever make me sit in the middle again' I will shoot out the window or the windshield because then at least we will have a deer.' Needless to say she did not sit in the middle again.
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    2 gramps, one born in 1881 signed up with the Army at 17 in 1898 for the Spanish American War, wrote 18 on a piece of paper and put it in his shoe so he could swear he was over 18, did Cuba, then the Philippines for several enlistments, was a gas casualty in the Argonne Forest in 1918, and lived on a disabled veterans pension the rest of his life . My other Gramps was born in 1896, worked as a telegraph messenger at 10, coal mines at 15, a butcher and clerk at a general store from his mid 20's till he retired. He hustled moonshine, built stills, and sold his well known BBQ on the side to make ends meet for a family of 6 kids during the Depression. Lots of wild stories, I guess I need to write a book.
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    One day he dropped 3 year old Pops off at the neighbor's house while he headed to the bar. Pops played at the beach for half the day. The problem was the neighbors weren't home. They were on vacation. Oops. That time it sounds like Gramps got pounded on. By Grandma. Oops. :D
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    Grandpa had love for VW's as a young guy. He was a great mechanic that decided to go out on his own and start his own successful shop fixing VW's for folks. At some point in his 50's, one of his friends took him out off-roading with sand rails. That created a new passion... he started building VW sand rails for folks all over the mid-west until he passed. He was a cool Grandpa!!
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    My grandfather blew two holes in his own porch roof as he told two Jehova's Witnesses to get off his land
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    Double barrel 12 gauge both barrels right through the eve under his front porch. The Religious nuts ran to their car and fled in terror.
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    As a kid, my great grandfather (father's side, pretty sure it was great grandfather but might have just been granddad) had heard about silo fires/explosions and that flour was flammable. The story goes, according to my father, that they had a pretty good size wasp nest in the corner of the front porch and my great grandfather took it into his head to remedy the situation.

    Assuming that wasps would burn or at least be discouraged by fire, he went into the kitchen and grabbed a handful of flour and a "strike anywhere" match. He cautiously approached the buzzing nest...mud dauber type wasps, not hornets, struck the match as he tossed the flour into the air towards the nest and then tossed the still lighting match.

    The result was, well lets just say it was a bit more energetic than he'd expected. When the smoke cleared and his dad came out and put out the resulting fire (here I think my dad was embellishing a bit) the corner of the porch roof back about a foot or 18 inches was, well it was gone...but so was the nest, which I guess was the ultimate point, right? The explosion knocked my great (or not) granddad off the porch and brought neighbors out several houses down the street.

    The resulting beating, from what I hear, is the stuff of legends.

    Good times, good times.
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    During the depression, the grand's location was near a rail line, and often hobos would knock on the door looking for work, or a meal, or a place to sleep. G-ma was a good soul and fed those that they could. Not rich, but the business paid enough to live on and so it went. (He was a democrat, don't ask.)
    G-pa was a pipe smoker and preferred corncobs over real briar pipes, for reasons unknown to this day. All pipes need to be broken in, but cc's are the worst by a LONG way (don't ask that, either.) One of the things that G-pa would do, if one of the bos was a good worker and didn't want to stay, would be to give the bo a fresh cc bowl, a tin of Prince Albert and send him on his way with the promise of 5 dollars and another day or two's worth of work if he brought the bowl back broken in. Enough did come back that by the time the in-service cc bowl was burned thru, a new stem and away it went 'till the next time.
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    Cool stories. I learned today my Gramps made it all the way to Chicago. Eventually he was wired 10 dollars and made his way back. Still had 6 dollars and all his gear. :D
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    He wasn't even the crazy Gramps. That would be on my mom's side. Those stories are unbelievable and I saw some first hand. Oops. :D
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