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Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by stg58, Dec 2, 2013.

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    The small Mister Heaters have served me well but one like the one the picture I bought last year was flaky. I had to jiggle the sensor wires to get it going I bypassed a switch that turned out to be a tip-switch and it works great so I emailed Mister Heater and they will be sending a new tip-switch no charge.

    Nice to see a company standing by a year+ old product.

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    I love mine, I have a single and a double. They sure keep stuff warm, but they can burn a lot of fuel.
    Helps to keep an extra 30 pound tank around
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    I have the mister heater buddy heater (original) 4000-9000btu. It works quite well, but I did have to rebuild it for a known problem. If used with a bulk tank. The hose WILL leach oil into the regulator and valve. The only repair (per factory) is new parts. There are no warnings, nothing. But they know of the problem. Once repaired, it worked fine, and two things will prevent it from ever happening again. 1) add an inline filter at the intake fitting (this will make it too short to take even the short bottles) and always turn off the tank, and let the heater empty the line. (No propane under pressure, no oil)
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    I have a "little buddy" heater and one that mounts on the tank like in the OP. The tank mounted one is old enough there are NO safeties other than the thermocouple on it. Yes, I have knocked it over and it kept going. Just gotta be careful around it.

    On my little buddy head, I would routinly run it from a 20lb tank, with the inline filter on it. Until one day, I turned on the tank and the filter broke in to pieces, at the seam. How nice, unregulated propane coming out of the hose! Haven't used one since then, but I always turn the valve off the tank and let the gas in the line get used up before turning off the heater.
  5. Rabid

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    So that is what is wrong with mine, thanks.
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