Monkeys love trees

Discussion in 'Survival of the Fittest' started by Hanzo, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. Hanzo

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    Tree climbing is good clean monkey fun.




  2. Dunerunner

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    Nice climbers, there!! [winkthumb]

    What park?
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  4. Hanzo

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    Sassy Sunday tree lounging...



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  5. Hanzo

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    Wouldn't be a proper Hanzo post otherwise.
    Potstickers for lunch.

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  6. Dunerunner

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    Now, you're just teasing us!! [winkthumb]
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  7. Hanzo

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    Would have been better if I showed it with the @Bear titanium chopsticks. But they are nicely packed away in my pack.
  8. Hanzo

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    Big monkey had tennis today. The moon was out early. Saw it through the trees.


    The sun through the trees was nice too.


    Fresh berries was a great pre-dinner dessert. Strawberries and blueberries on a little bed of whipped cream with brown sugar. Berries were sweet already, but... Yum!

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  9. Hanzo

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    Monkeys climbed trees today. Again...



    Pretty much every Tuesday, when I teach my tai chi class, I see this dad and his young son, who I nicknamed "Heisman." For 1 1/2 to 2 hours, they do agility drills, conditioning drills and football drills. Most times, they go the same two hours we do.

    So today, I asked the dad if my little monkey could do drills with them since her soccer is going to start up in a month. So he kindly says, "Of course." So when I next saw her, I sent her over. She brought her buddy. During my tai chi class' water break, I went to check on them. The dad tells me that not only did she do a good job, she taught them new ladder drills and he was really happy. We try to do a variety during soccer practices.

    Then, I played football for the first time in her life. She caught the ball pretty well. About as well as the guy's son. And they did drills where one person had the ball and had to get by a defender one on one. She did awesome! Got by most times and made the stop most times. Next water break, they did their last thing. A long race. They raced the length of the field where they were at. It is a little over 600 feet long. They raced down and back for a total of 1,200 feet plus. Monkey finished first, about 300 feet ahead of the pack. Then they were wiped out and done. And I was a proud papa. And we finished the last half hour of tai chi before I had to run off to a meeting. (Yes, I went home and wiped off and changed. Didn't have time to shower my sweaty carcass.)
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    The Ole spit bath and deodorant trick ;)
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  11. azrancher

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    Are those Monkey Pod trees?
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  12. Hanzo

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    Good eye, @azrancher!
  13. Hanzo

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    I likey pot stickers!
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