Mr. Spock would not like the Kenyan

Discussion in 'Politics' started by CATO, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. CATO

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    What Obama Gets Wrong About Teachers, Firefighters, and Cops -

    ...and BTW, "help to the states" means "tax dollars," which amounts to another bail-out for states who have mis-managed their money.

    No offense to any teachers out there, but this isn't going to help out. Why? Kids have been slipping behind other countries for a while now...and that was WITH those teachers. To put another way, adding back those teachers are not going to fix the ills of the educational system and it's not going to suddenly put the U.S. back at the top because things were bad before they were laid off.

    That's like saying the reason GM failed was the laid off workers...if they were re-hired, everything would be fixed. Not've go management issues and union issues present in both.

    Just look at what the teachers did in Atlanta (- link -)

    ...and the result?

    This is an industry now...who can get the most money from the feds....a corrupt industry.
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    Maybe not but you can sure get them farther behind... My wifes 3 english writing classes increased from an average of 20 to 30+ students.... seems kinda counter productive...
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    Sometimes you just have to take the hit and move on.

    PP teachers only set the bar low to allow the school board to hire other PP teachers.

    Been around a long while and I've never seen a standard of mediocrity do anything but keep the standards low.

    People enjoy working with others who have standards and hold others to a higher standard than just a paycheck.

    Throw away the chaff and keep the feed stock or have low quality as a standard.
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